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Abbaye Notre Dame de Saint Remy, better known to most as Rochefort, can trace its origins back to 1230, when the abbey was first inhabited by nuns. Monks took up residence in 1464 and remained there until it closed in the cataclysmic days of the French Revolution in 1794. There then followed a long period of disuse before it was re-inhabited again in 1887.
In early 1998 there were 21 monks at St. Remy, five of whom, have the enviable task of making Rochefort beer alongside some secular workers.
The beers, called simply Rochefort 6,
Rochefort 8 and Rochefort 10, refer to the Belgian degrees scale and are in fact considerably stronger when measured in alc./vol.. Essentially they are all the same beer, which is fermented out to different strengths. Despite this, they have subtle characteristics distinguishing each from the others. The Rochefort 6 is mainly produced for a local consumption.

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