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Order Info

If you want, before you start shopping, you can select the CURRENCY in which you want to view the prices by clicking on the "Currency" button place on the left-bottom corner of this page. 

The final destination of the delivery is important to calculate the shipping costs per area. We choose to do this because we pre-select the products deliverable in these countries, for a more enjoyable shopping experience. It also allows us to inform you about the total price, including shipping. No surprises at the end!

At BelgianShop you can order online, by fax or by phone. The full prices and conditions are shown to you in a virtual shopping cart - so no surprises afterwards.

Companies that order from BelgianShop will be receiving an invoice when they request so during the ordering process. The order confirmation contains all information necessary to use it as an expense ticket.

You will be given ample possibilities to communicate the delivery date, messages, special instructions and more during the order process. We encourage you to let us know as much as possible because we really want to customize your order and give it all the special attention it needs.

It is also possible to send gifts to multiple delivery destinations during one order. For very large orders, we are happy to enter all the necessary information into our system for you. Just e-mail us or send a fax to +32 (0) 87 352234 

Last, but not least, we are proud of our Money Back Guarantee: we guarantee delivery in perfect condition and as soon as possible ( generally between 10-12 days and not more than 15 days ) for all destinations. (See conditions) If not... money back!

Guaranteed Delivery - Or Money Back

At BelgianShop, we are proud of our customer service.
We don't consider an order finished until it reaches its destination.

Money Back Rules and Limitations

The money back guarantee applies to gifts delivered in Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Denmark and where you use express shipping.

We cannot be held responsible when the recipient is not at home. Please provide us with as much delivery information as possible (phone numbers, business addresses for professionals,etc.). We deliver a second time the following day, or request you for more information, but the Money Back Guarantee does not apply anymore

In certain villages, for example a small mountain village in France or Switzerland, we cannot deliver as quickly. In that case, you will receive a clarifying e-mail from us, and the Money Back Guarantee will not apply.

Exceptional situations such as extreme weather conditions, strikes of transportation companies, etc. cannot be accounted for by our company, and thus the Money Back Guarantee will not apply.

An incomplete order (lack of confirmation email address,incomplete shipping address, etc.) originates from the customer only, and will not benefit from the Money Back Guarantee.

For busy periods (Christmas, New Year, Mother's Day, etc.) orders will be treated on a first ordered, first served basis. However, closer to the Holiday Season we will provide more delivery details.

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