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Van Honsebroek

Up to 1953, the St jozef brewery, founded in 1900 by Emiel Van Honsebrouc, brewed traditional lager beers, table beers and Flemish brown beers. It was managed by Emiel's sons, Ernest and Paul, who took over in 1922. In 1953, they were succeeded by Paul's son, Luc, who was a brewing engineer. The brewery was rebaptized into Van Honsebrouc brewery and they no longer produced low fermentation beer. The success of the Bacchus Beer, far away from the Zenne valley, encouraged Luc Van Honsebrouc to also brew geuze. He imported lambic from the Zenne valley and grew the microflora necessary for fermentation. In 1958, the St Louis Geuze and Kriek were marketed, which made the Western Flanders brewery the 2nd largest geuze manufacturer in Belgium. At the end of 1989, the brewery launched its Kasteelbier with an enormous marketing campaign. About 30% of the production is intended for export.


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