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Smedt (de)

After the brewery had marketed the Op-Ale in 1937, it grew very rapidly. Especially when they started to concentrate on abbey beers from 1970 onwards. The abbey beers of Affligem, Aulne and Postel are all being brewed by the De Smedt brewery. The monks in Affligem had been brewing since 1570 and they have kept on doing so until 1950 (except during the French revollution). Since 1970 De Smedt has been producing the three Afflgem varieties. From the abbey of Aulne only ruins remain, except for the abbot's office that has been converted into a parsonage. The Norbertines of the Postel abbey knew many ordeals so they too left their beer tot the De Smedt brewery, after the take over of the Campina brewery from Dessle, that had been brewing the beer until then, by the Maes brewery. About 20% of production is exported to mainly France and the Netherlands.

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