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The brewery was founded by Jules Lefèbvre in 1876 and it expanded in the center of the village of Quenast thanks to 4.000 cutters of paving-stones of the quarries.
In 1919, his son Auguste sets up a new brewery inside the existing buidings. Gaston Lefèbvre modernized it gradually, starting in particular the bottling. With Pierre Lefèbvre, the first special beers with high density appear in 1960: the "Saison 1900" and the "Bonne Espérance". A complete program of modernization is started: a new fermentation-room, a new bottling-line,...
In 1975, it was Philippe's turn to join the brewery. The first yeast beers were brewed and immediatly found favour with the customer. In 1983, Floreffe Abbey granted him its brewing licence for its range of special beers. In 1995, and with a desire to be truly innovative, a honey-beer was developed: the "BARBAR".
Owing to a tradition of 5 generations and a technological modern plant, the brewery LEFEBVRE exports 40% of its production.


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