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In 1791, Jozef Bosteels founded his artisanal brewery in the manor of Buggenhout. Jozef Bosteels had three sons : Jan-Frans, Jozef-Martin and Louis. The first two learnt the art of brewing. Then, came Leon Bosteels, followed by Antoine, who, during his 50 years of management, expanded the brewery with the Bosteels Pils. He sold this lager beer outside the Dendermonde region, in Gent, Antwerp and Brussels. Meanwhile, he was also elected the Mayor of Buggenhout three times/ The whitewashed brewery with the slogan " Handhaaf en Bouw " (Maintain and Build) chiseles in the mantelpiece, has been owned by the Bosteels family for two centuries and six generations. Today, the brewery is managed by the sons of Antoine, Leon and Ivo and one grandson, Antoine. Pauwel Kwak, Prosit Pils and Bugg's are the knowest beers produced. In the brewery, you can visit the Den Ast brewery museum.

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