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In the 19th century, someone called De Ro, managed a dairy farm " Laiterie de Haecht ", located in the green triangle Brussels, Mechelen and Leuven, near the Keerbergen woods. In 1898, this dairy farm was joined by a brewery. On 14 June 1898, the first brew is introduced. Four years later, they switched from top fermentation beers to lager. In less than 5 years, the " Brasserie Laiterie de Haecht " became a top brewery in Belgium. The steam tram and later the electric tram connecting Brussels and Haacht was called the beer tram because it constantly transported beer barrels to the capital. From this moment, its growth could not be stopped ; In 1908, Mr Jozef Indekeu became the technical director. Later, he will found the Alken brewery with Edward Boes. In 1924, they welcomed a royal visitor : Prince Léopold, the later King Léopold III. This one inaugurated the new brewing installation and 5 years later, the dairy farm was history. Haacht has always been a very dynamic brewery which bought many smaller breweries before and after the Second World War. On authority of Haacht, the Palm brewery produces the Aerts 1900. In 1989, Haacht launched the Star, a very tasty beer with an extremely low calorie and alcohol percentage. In the same year, the Haecht Tarwebier was introduced with the original logo of 1898 which represented a sower. The Tongerlo abbey beers were the next in 1990. Also, the long gone Gidenbier was relaunched. As the first Belgian brewery, Haacht introduced the 12-bottle case (instead of the normal 24). This was done for Primus beer to go along with the changing consumption pattern of drinking beer at home more and more. The brewery can be visited from April to September.

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