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Orval 6.2°-1/3L


In the small village of Villers-devant-Orval, in the south of Belgium, there's an abbey which was founded in 1070. The current buildings date from 1926 and to be able to finance them the monks start a brewery in 1931. They use water from a thousand-year old well, the Mathilde fountain, which ends up inside the monastic walls. The brewery, opened in 1948, produces only one trappist beer, viz Orval. The name Orval and the logo with the fish refer to the legend of the Mathilde fountain. During a visit of the abbey by Mathilde of Tuscany in the 11th century, she lost her golden wedding ring. She invoked the help of Our lady and soone after a trout appeared carrying the ring in its mouth . Then the countess exclaimed she found herself in a golden valley, i.e. Val d'Or in French, corrupted into Orval.d'Or in French, corrupted into Orval.

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