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For more than four centuries a family of brewers has been active in Mater, passing on the tradition from father to son. The history of the brewery officially starts in the year 1545. At the east side of Oudenaarde, in Mater, the brewery of the family Roman is established. The village and the family name probably both originated in the Roman era, and the brewery bordered the major road connecting Germany and France. In the area of Oudenaarde, a tavern where travellers could rest or stay the night, and unharness, stable or even change their horses serviced this trade route. The tavern consisted of an inn, a farm, a mill, a malt house and, naturally, a brewery.

The honourable gentleman Justitius Roman managed this complex. He simultaneously was sheriff of the area round Schorisse until the year 1604, and he was the "Pater familias" of the brewery family Roman. Every new generation went along in the family tradition and now, 12 generations later, brewing still is the major trade. In 1907, the widow Roman-Uytersprot entrusted the management to her three sons: Louis, Charles and Joseph. That way, the tradition has been passed on from father to son, which brings us to Louis Ch. J. Roman, 12th successor in line and current manager of the company.

In 1927 the brewery Roman was converted into a public limited company, since 1980 for an indefinite period, of which Louis Roman Junior presently is heading the Board of Directors. In 1930 a brand-new brewery was constructed next to the existing buildings, and this complex has been enlarged on a regular basis ever since. The brewery consists of impressive structures surrounding a yard. Before the Second World War the brewery reached a peak with the sales of Roman Oudenaards. This explosion of production was achieved under the impulse of the three brothers Roman, who shepherded the brewery through both world wars, allowing the company to grow into a very successful one.

 The Second World War brought difficulties: afterwards the lost market had to be re-established. A lager beer was added to the range. Thanks to the production of Roman Lager the trade figures soared and the brewery enjoyed a new growth. In 1954 waters and lemonades were added to the range. On June 15th 1983 the beer "Sloeber" saw the light of day. And let's not forget Roman Special, Christmas Bell, … Since 1983, the beers of high fermentation are getting an additional fermentation after bottling. Because of the industrialisation, the brewery Roman developed rapidly, causing a succession of new beers and new production and sales techniques.

In 1990, the two abbey beers, Ename Double and Ename Triple, were launched with great success. In 1993 brewery Roman marketed its own white beer, Matel White Beer. Most recently, a third abbey beer, Ename Blond, was developed. The brewery Roman produces and commercialises an almost complete range of Belgian beers, each one of them brewed following a specific and traditional method.

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