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De Troch

In the center of the " Pajottenland " and the landscapes made famous by the paintings of Breughel, you can find Wambeek and the De Troch Brewery. An old municipal plan from the beginning of the 19th century mentions the brewery as being the property of Petronella De Troch. Her father was already in the
brewery business by the end of the 18th century. Petronella later married Egidius De Troch. Their son louis, was their successor. He got married with J ; De Neve and left the brewery to their son Louis in 1936. Louis married M.L. Van den Moortel. Since 1974, this
rare artisanal brewery of lambic is run by his nephew Jos Raes and his wife M.Vanderhasselt. They surprised the whole Belgian brewing community in the eighties by introducing the first exotic beer, lambic with banana and mango. Later on, the assortmend
was extented with plum, peach, strawberry and raspberry. The brewery can be visited.

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