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De Gouden Boom

In 1455, one Jan Hugheins is already brewing beer at
 the present-day location of the Gouden Boom brewery. For generations, this place is the birth ground of an alternate number of breweries and distilleries. But only until Jules Vanneste, the great-grandfather of today´s brewer, buys the building in 1872, where at the time the distillery ´t Hamerken is located. He turns the site in brewery once and for all in 1889. Soon, the top-fermented beers of ´t Hamerken are renowned in the Bruges region. The 1930´s, however, witness an increasing popularity of lager beers. And the Vanneste family too have to go along with this trend, creating a proper Bock, export and lager. Even in those days, they alread correctly assess the importance of new technology, applying cooling techniques that see the daylight in the wake of growing industrialization. But a first love is never forgotten. That is why ´t
Hamerken returns to brewing top-fermented beers in October of 1983, strongly embracing traditional craftsmanship along the way. At the same time, the brewery is renamed the Gouden Boom (golden tree), a modern brewery with its roots in the plast.


 Another withness of the past is the location of the Gouden Boom, the brewery being harmoniously intertwined with the city centre of Bruges. But above all, it is the  production process that breathes history, especially when the selection of the finest malt and hop is concerned. On the other hand, the possibilities offered by modern-day technology are also exploited to the fullest. The quality control, for the example, is based on nothing less than the most stringent present-day quality standards. And it is exactly this label of quality that helps the Gouden Boom to develop from a regional brewery into a modern company with ramifications that reach even beyond the borders of the European Union.


 All fruits growing on the "golden tree" today are living beers, refermented in the bottle. The first fruit is an unfiltered white beer : Brugs (wheat beer of Bruges). The success of this beer leaves everybody thirsty for more, and soon after Brugse Tripel  makes its appearance in Belgian cafés. Its full malty taste and its mild finish lead this beer to conquering the world. And no wonder : Brugse Tripel is honoured with the Gold Medal at the prestigious Monde Selection Brussels competition both in 1996 and 1997. Which is, after all, the definitive proof of its grandeur. The third fruit on the Gouden Boom is called Brugs Blond : a strong, golden beer, with a round, mild taste, a fine hop fragrance and a fruity touch. Numbers four and five are the brewery´s abbey beers : the dark and malty Steenbrugge Dubbel, and strong, golden Steenbrugge Tripel.


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