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Chimay Rouge 7°-1/3L
Chimay Blanche 8°-1/3L
Chimay Bleue 9°-1/3L


The BIERES DE CHIMAY company is based in Chimay, a small town in the south of Belgium. It employs 65     persons, and the turnover for 1998 was 700 million Belgian francs.
Bières de Chimay bottles and sells the TRAPPIST BEERS OF CHIMAY, brewed within the Abbey of Scourmont under the control and responsibility of the Trappist Monks. Since 1862 the monks have brewed their premium beer, known today under the name of " Première " (75 cl (25.4 fl.oz.)). The Chimay beers are authentic Trappist beers, since they meet the necessary three conditions :
They are brewed within the Trappist Abbey
Under the control and responsibility of the religious Trappist community

The majority of the revenue generated from its sale is used for charitable purposes.
Quality has always had priority over quantity. The success of our beers has led us, step by step, to a present production level of 105,000 hectolitres        (2,310,000 gallons) per year.
To guarantee a consistently high quality product, major investments have recently been made, both in the modernisation of the brewery, which is currently  at the peak of technology, and in the installation of a bottling plant with a filling capacity of 40,000 bottles per hour.

The Trappist Beers of Chimay, positioned in a constantly growing speciality beer market, occupy the premier position in Belgium in the various distribution channels.

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