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 During college at KaHo-Sint-Lieven we already had the opportunity of experimenting on beer productions. Many can only agree, that this "beer virus" is a tough one... or for those who know Obelix, once you've fallen into the kettle the after-effects arepermanent. June, 1997. College days are over and a whole bunch of newly educated engineers is born. The search for a job starts. Many among us dream of finding a job in a brewery. But life begins where the dream ends... Most breweries want to keep tradition inside the family borders and our enthusiasm is very often poorly rewarded. As such, a lot of us find themselves working in completely different parts of society.

The first steps

In the meantime,  Kristof had already started collecting small brewery equipment for some brewing experiments in his mothers kitchen. During one of the frequently organized summerreunions the
 virus had come back and in the late summer of '98 we returned to the micro brewery of the KaHo-Sint-Lieven. This resulted in an amber coloured beer with a higher alcohol percentage of 8,5%. After a crazy     afternoon, the beer was baptised as "Dom Blondje", or translated: "Stupid Blond".

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