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Brasserie de Silly

In the 19th century, large farms in the Hainaut (a Belgian province or county situated south of Brussels) brewed barley and hops. Silly, a rural village situated in the triangle Ath, Enghien and Soignies, (three Hainaut cities) is built along the borders of a creek, named «the Sylle». Obvious, this creek gave its name to the village and to the only local brewery, founded in 1850.
This brewey was first known as «Cense de la Tour». Today, it is run by the fifth generation of the same family.
After WW II, the brewery begins to be more important than the farm. Only top-fermented beers, such as «Grisette», «Saison» and «Scotch», are brewed.
In 1950, since the brewery owns a net of cafés (pubs), and the demand is there, the Pils (a bottom fermented beer) is added to his product range.
In 1975, the Brewery of Silly purchases the brewery Tennstedt Decroes in nearby Enghien, and takes over the production of the «Double Enghien» (a top fermentation beer) in two flavors: the brown and the blond.
Fifteen years later,, the Brewery of Silly brews for the first time a white beer called «Titje», which together  with the «Saison de Silly» the «Double Enghien» and the «Divine» contribute to the expansion of this small independent family brewery, full of tradition.
Since 10 years, the Brewery of Silly spreads out her activities abroad and her beers continue to win prizes in international competitions.

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