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At the end of the seventies, two brothers-in-law, Pierre Gobron and Chris Bauweraerts, decided to create their own beer in their own brewery.  With little money initially comitted (200 000 BEF / 5 000 USD) they started what fans of the brewery call a "Chouffe story".
From 1982 to the beginning of 1984 the brewery was run as a hobby.  In March, 1984, Pierre packed in his job as the production manager in an ice-cream factory, to devote 100% of his time to the brewery.
In 1986, the former farm buildings, dating from 1805, in which the brewery was installed, were purchased.  From this time, the beer production each year was consistently increased.
In 1988, Chris also comitted himself full time to the brewery, to join his brother-in-law.
In 1988, exports began to Québec, Canada.  Started initially as an experiment, it represented, by the following year, big business for this small brewery.  In 1989, twelve 20-ft containers filled with "La Chouffe" were shipped from  Achouffe to Montréal.
Soon "La Chouffe" became the most imported Belgian artisanal or craft beer in Quebec.
In April, 1990, the brewery opened its own pub, within the old farm buildings.  Here can visitors taste Achouffe beers in peak conditions.
In 1992, a new brew house was comissioned, and in June 1993, a new fermenting room was put into operation.  Both are currently in use.  They were designed and built in Belgium.  They are specially made to produce a product which perfectly represents Belgian brewers' know-how: strong, bottle conditioned speciality beers.
In december, 1997, the "Beverage Tasting Institute" of Chicago selected the Achouffe Brewery as one of the top-ten breweries of the year for the World Beer Championships.
In 1998, "La Chouffe" won the gold medal in the "strong ales" class at the International Beer Championships in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
In 1999, the Mc Chouffe won the Gold Medal at Eurobières, Strasbourg, in the « Abbey style » class.

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