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Gift Certificate Value $175.00 

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  1. The Gift Certificate gives you the possibility to offer to your friends a gift, which represents a right to order BelgianShop products of a total value equal to the value of the Gift Certificate.   
  2. A Gift Certificate can be used only ones. 
  3. The period of validity of the a Gift Certificate is one year  
  4. In order to buy gift certificates, please include them into your basket and follow the suggested instructions. 
  5. You will receive the bought Gift Certificates by e-mail within 24 hours.  
  6. After receiving the Gift Certificates, you will have the possibility to offer them to your friends or to use it yourself.  If you would like to send the Gift Certificates to your friends by e-mail, you should forward the received message with your covering letter to your friends. You could as well give the Gift Certificates yourself in hand to your friends or send by post after printing the attached Certificate. 
  7. How should the owner of a Gift Certificate use it in order to receive BelgianShop products?

-         Go to www.belgianshop.com

-         Create you purchasing basket.

-         The total value of the basket plus freight cost should not be higher than the value of the Gift Certificate

-         As method of payment select "Gift certificate already paid"

-         Fill in the order form the reference number of the Gift Certificate.

-         Follow the suggested instructions

-         You will receive the purchased goods within 12 days

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