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Tim W ebb G O O D B E E R G U I D E  

Originally published in 1991, Tim Webb's Good Beer Guide to Belgium and Holland is a revered and trusted companion to international beer enthusiasts. It offers information on beer styles, breweries, specialty beer cafés, bottle shops and more. Notes on museums, beer festivals - even suggested itineraries - are available to help you discover the Benelux beer scene with confidence.

Maps of every province and detailed material on 500 of the best beer cafés, how to get to them, what the café is like, how many beers they have, whether they do food or accommodation and when they are open.

Every effort has gone into making this guide as comprehensive as possible. To help make that point, here is a full outline of what's inside. 352 pages worth of the best travel companion you could ask for!

Introduction & acknowledgements
What is the book and who helped to create it.

Articles on the dumbing down of Belgian beer, the emergence of modern brewers in the Netherlands, the new brewpubs, globalisation of the beer market and the future of the small independent breweries in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Introduction to Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg)
A quick lesson in history and geography.

Getting there
Routes by air, land and sea.

Being there
Accommodation, travelling around, food & drink, guidebooks.

Beer tourism
Every known beer museum, visitable brewery and beer festival and event.

Beer styles
A run-down of how to put most Belgian and Dutch beers into the right categories, what the essential differences are between the styles and which are the best examples.

Breweries and their beers
The Guide lists every brewery currently in production in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg - there are around 200 in all - plus every regularly produced original beer, whether seasonal or year-round. This includes breweries from the size of Heineken right down to pint-size concerns making no more that a thousand litres a year. Also listed are beers from so-called commissioners, who order special beers to be made to their recipes, from established commercial breweries.

Specialist beer cafés
The Guide lists around 500 of the best beer cafés to visit in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. It tells you how to get there, what the café is like, how many beers they have, whether they do food or accommodation and when they are open. We also list all the known brewery taps.

Beer shops & warehouses
The Guide lists shops and wholesalers where you can buy beer in Benelux.

Belgian and Dutch Beer in the UK
For the first time the Guide will be including details of all the known importers of Belgian and Dutch beers to the UK, plus doxens of places to find them.

Beer drinkers' organisations, beer books and other information.
We give you details of those too.

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