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Queue de Charue 5.2°-1/4L 
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A deep red beer with an fine head. The aroma is sharp, fruity and sweet - probably stemming from a mixture of wild- and controlled fermentation. The flavor is sweet in the beginning, then sharp - which lingers a long time, and the aftertaste is sharp and sour.


Quintine 8°-1/3L 
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The aroma is very fresh: sweet, fruity, and yeasty with hints of alcohol. The color is a hazy orange and it has a fantastic huge creamy white head - that lasts. The flavor is mild at first with notes of sweet malt, raisins, and corriander. The mild start is abrubtly subdued when the beer comes with a bite containing alcohol, yeast, hops, corriander, and other spices. It ends on a long lasting dry bitter, spicy, and woody note. This beer is great.


Quintine Amber 8.5°-1/3L 
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The beer pours a bemused orange color, the head portly and the consistency frothy and off white in color. The aroma of caramel apples, sweet and inviting, with a nice malt underpinning to seal off the nose. Ambrosial at the start, the top middling in feel, the finish smartly acidic, the hops pleasing and delicious in their understated presence, dry as a desert bone aftertaste that lingers on. Quite an interesting beer that is a real treat to the palate.


Rader Amber 10.5° - 1/3L 
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Rader Ambrée is the subtle aromatization of a beer brewed in the ancient-way, re-fermented in its bottle, with a distillate of grain which has undergone a prolonged ageing process in oak casks. The primary fermentation is made with the same selected grains for the mash tubbing and the distillate. The distillate, aged in oak casks, is then added to the mash tub just before the re-fermentation in the bottle.


Rader Amber 10.5° - 3/4L 
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This beer is a subtile marriage between a juniper aged in oakwood casks, and a traditional beer brewed in an old fashioned way with bottle-fermentation.
Really one of the best beer in the world.
This amber beer is available in 1/3L and 3/4 L bottles.


Rader Blond 6.5° - 33cl 
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Brewed with a subtle juniperberry distillate.

Traditional beer brewed in a old fashioned way with bottle fermentation flavoured with a subtle juniperberry distillate.

Cloudy honey colour, big creamy head, beautiful lace, strong juniper aroma, loads of spices and herbs, touch of alcohol, very smooth, full-bodied, light bitterness and a long dry aftertaste of juniper - lot of character for this original and well-balanced beer


Rochefortoise Amber 8°-1/3L 
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Reddish with amber relfections of the setting sun. Veiled dress, creamy head, tickness medium. Nose delicately smoked on bottom of alcohol. Beer now brewed by Caulier for La Rochefortoise. Sweet and sour in mouth, it offer a light bitterness at the end.

Light amber in color, with a nice head. Very yeasty smell, with some fruit aromas mixed in. Body is fluffy and light, but with a fairly complex, interesting swirl of fruit and leather.


Rochefortoise Blonde 6.2°-1/3L 
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Pretty dress with pale colors, lightly champanized, creamy and noble. High feeling of freshness at first taste, covered by a light bitterness perfectly balanced, when allowing all the natural flavor with its three components to give off with a great serenity. Beer now brewed by Caulier for La Rochefortoise.

Cloudy orange colour, fine dense head and a nice lacing, grapefruit, yeast and haye aroma, acidic mouthfeel at first, followed by a robust bitterness, long dry fruity finish - very refreshing and really charming.


Rochefortoise Brune 12°-1/3L 
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Head pleasant and creamy of good maintenance, leading you in a hypnotic wish. Stout build, this beer of great aroma generosity is dominated by the sweetness and nuances of caramel offers sweet flavor, but sugar free. This beer is now brewed by brasserie Caulier for the former Rochefortoise brewery.

Dark red/brown coloured. Is unfiltered. Light brown lasting head. Really beautiful to look at. Malt, chocolate, spices and some light alcahol notes in the aroma. Alcahol, spices, yeast, fruits and some cocoa in the flavour. Very pleasant mouthfeel. Smooth and creamy. Has some alcaholburnt and a subtle sweetness in the end. Very good beer.


Rodenbach 5°-1/4L 
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Rodenbach is the classic example of western Flanders' 'old brown beers'. The Rodenbach range is the result of high fermentation in over 300 oak barrels holding from 120 to 600 hectolitres. It constitutes one of the classic elements in Belgium's beer heritage. At the beginning of the 20th century, it inspired many bids to produce the same type of beers, but these never managed to attain its own exceptional flavour. The traditional Rodenbach (5% vol.), the most common, is a mixture of young Rodenbach (5 to 6 weeks of fermentation in the barrel) and old Rodenbach (2 years of fermentation in the barrel). It offers a very fine balance between sweetness and acidity, in which the lactic acid has the edge over the acetic acid. You can detect a subtle oaky note and a slight nuttiness.


Rodenbach Grand Cru 6.5°-1/3L 
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A remarkable fully fermented beer with a sharp bouquet. Matured naturally for two years in oak   casks

Rodenbach Grand Cru is matured naturally in the silent, endless, cool cellars, full of oak casks.
It is brewed from pure, natural products according to an unchanging tradition, and above all with the patience of a saint.
Rodenbach Grand Cru is an extra-fermented beer. Those who drink Rodenbach Grand Cru discover how good beer can be.
For that is the brewer's craft.
Rodenbach Grand Cru is a fully fermented beer
with a full flavour - not surprisingly strong, but with a gentle but sharp bouquet.


Rousse des Fagnes 8°-1/3L 
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Its bitter aftertaste is robust and ligers on the tongue. Its pure water and gassy preparation, which are responsible for the lacework, greatly enhance its digestive qualities.
Head is initially large, rocky, frothy, white, mostly lasting. Body is hazy medium amber, dense tiny/small particles, bottle conditioned. Aroma is moderately malty (caramel, cookie, toasted light bread), lightly hoppy (flowers), lightly yeasty (cobwebs), with notes of peach, tangerine, and honey. Flavor is moderately sweet, lightly acidic, lightly bitter. Finish is moderately bitter, lightly sweet, lightly acidic. Medium to full body, velvety texture, lightly alcoholic. Beautiful malty/fruity stuff, and the terrific flavor balance is provided mostly by bitterness rather than acidity,


Satan Gold 8°-1/3L 
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Satan Gold : the golden-yellow sunny colour and fruity taste make this for the connoisseurs and beer lovers the most beloved beer.

Dusty, papery and chalky aroma. Body is golden with fermentation swimming around. Tastes yeasty with alcohol, spices and hints of paper. It has a long aftertaste and is syrupy.


Satan Red 8°-1/3L 
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This beer has a truly strange character. Its sharp vinous taste confirms the presence of Lambic. Its bitterness is discreet but is well-rounded.

Dark orange colour, good creamy head, very persistent. The aroma is fruity (Peach and black cherry) and yeasty. The flavour is malty, quite sweet (vanilla and caramel), fruity (apple, strawberry and peach), yeasty and a little bit sour (citrus). The finish is spicy (pepper) with a touch of bitterness. Well balanced with the alcohol well hidden: a good beer.


Saxo Blond 7.2° - 33cl  
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Aromas of orange, hops, bananas, pears, apricot. hazy yellow with a large creamy head. flavors of orange, apricot, pear and a slight hop flavor slight malty nuttiness. balanced and slightly creamy becoming slightly dry in the finish. a tasty refreshing beer. A fine refreshing Belgian beer that is very refreshing despite the alcohol. Very tasty blonde named for the inventor of the saxophone. Cloudy, golden-straw body beneath a frothy, persistent head. Characteristic belgian bouquet with malty plum, apple, pear, and golden raisin aromas. Initially fizzy before smoothing, flavors include cooked apple, berry, and other dark/baked fruits supported by malt and citric highlights. Finish is moderately quick but flavorful, with yeast countered by malt.



Scotch Silly 8°-1/4L 
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Smooth taste, light bitterness of the English hops, long consevation in normal condition Color: Dark Ruby .

This beer has pleasant malty smell that becomes more distinctively caramel. . Earthy ? and you can really smell the alcohol. The color is a dark hazy brown. It poured nice head that died quickly; but the lace held up all the way to the end. It has a very sweet taste on the front end; with a tart finish and a little bite. Somewhat smooth and creamy mouth feel. It has an interesting flavor, but lacked a well-rounded character.


Slee Doorn 6° -1/3L 
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Another beer from De Regenboog brewery

Sleedoorn means sloe(berry). Label by American cartoonist Bill Coleman. Colour: Rosé Champagne with brownish shine. Gushing!, then Champagne-like bubbling with fast disappearing head - more like rosé brut than some pseudo-Champagne beers! Nose is fruity, estery, perfumed. Definitely something wild - wild strawberries come to mind. Also dry sherry nose! Taste: sweet like sweet portwine, but more fruity and lighter, of course. Fruit is inidentifyable to me - but then I don"t consume sloeberries on a daily base. Sweetness however, keeps dominating. Mouthfeel has some tartness,adstingency even, but it is masked by the sweetness. Not really light, there is some body after all.


Sloeber 7.5° - 33cl 
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Beer refermented in bottle

Roman brewery

The beer Sloeber is a powerful beer with fermentation after bottling, peculiar, full of character, with an exquisite aroma and a subtle flavour. Sloeber (Brand name) is a high fermentation, with additional fermentation after bottling. The ingredients are water, malt, grain, hops, sugar, yeast (after bottling) and carbon dioxide. The best drinking temperature is at 8° Celsius.


Souvenirs Blond 6°- 33 Cl 
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This pours with a creamy head which remains to the end. There is a pleasing balance of sweet and sharp flavours - very refreshing. Carbonation is gentle yet constant. Some citric fruit flavours come through near the end, while the finish is tangy sweet. The alcohol content gives a satisfying mouthfeel throughout. This is a refreshing summer brew, very tasty with pleasant fruit flavours.


Souvenirs Bruin 6.5°-33 Cl 
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Dark, murky brown-red, with medium, short lasting, dark beige head. Strong, cured meat yeast, and maltly, even bitter, aromas coming through. Medium to large body that fills the mouth with too many bubbles.Aroma of roasted malts, sweet, rye, vanilla and fruits. Cloudy, brown coloured with an off-white, thin and lasting head. Sweet, malty, vanilla, fruity and more bitter in the end.


St-Joseph 8.5° - 1/3L 
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St - Joseph, homage to the St-owner of the carpenters, this beer is an artisanal beer. It is the fruit of a pale mixture of malt and coloured special malts (Caramel, Munich, Caramunich). The raw materials used are the barley and the hop. The barley, cereal rich in starch, is transformed into malt, which gives color to beer. The hop flower, as for it, is the source of bitternesses and flavours of beer. It is tasted preferably at a temperature of 12°C. Proposed out of not pasteurized bouchonnée bottle, it ages with wonder in cellar. The activity of yeast is at the origin of the evolutionary taste of beer. The beer St - Joseph is brewed by the Dupont Brewery. The latter was preceded with Moinette with the World Contest of beers in 1997. St - Joseph has even his personalized glass, which will enchant more than one collectors!


Super 64 5.2°C - 25Cl 
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Fruity, yeasty and light caramel aroma. Golden/amber color, white head, good lace. Light sweet, very light sourness, medium bitter to bitter in the finish, fruity, yeasty, little herbal, hint of caramel, quite hoppy, little dry finish.
Gold/amber colour; persistent head, beautiful lace, fine perlage. Some malt aroma, simple.Good mouth sensation, some malty sweetness, dryer taste in the finish. Ordinary palate. Simple ale.


Super des Fagnes Blond 7.5°C - 25 Cl 
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The "Super des Fagnes" is a beer with a high fermentation of 7,5% volume alcohol. Its blond or dark dress, as it suits you, surmounted by a delicate foam, will make you crack up at the first sight. Its scent, a mix up of apple and thin hops, will reinforce the opinion you had of a pure and naturalbeer. The secret is its elaboration. The use of Belgian pale malt (pilsen type), English and German hops, natural spices (sweat oranges, coriander and liquorice), sugar and spring water, give it its particular taste. Its brewing, done in the traditional red copper vats reinforce its handicraft aspect. These installations guarantee first-class quality products. Moreover, from its refermentation in the bottle, it can be considered living. The Fagnes is a region in the south of Belgium, very popular for its tourism. There, the landscape is quite hilly and water is famed for its purity and sweetness. There is no big city around, no industry but only typical villages, far away from pollution problems. 



Super des Fagnes Bruin 7.5°C- 25CL 
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The Super des Fagnes is a beer with a high fermentation of 7.75% volume alcohol. Its hand-crafted character makes it one of the jewel of Produits du Terroir.
From the procedure of refermentation in the bottle, it can be considered living. It is not pasteurised, therefore its taste develops over time, according to the storage temperatures.

T° for service and preservation: between 6 and 10°C.
Its taste develops in an optimum manner after one year of rest in the cellar. It has therefore around 8.2% volume of alcohol.
Only its original glass will make you discover its flavours of finely-measured coriander and liquorice.



SWAF Amber 8° - 1/3L 
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SWAF Blond 8° - 1/3L 
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SWAF Bruin 8° - 1/3L 
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Dark red-brown colour with a fine creamy head, strong herbal and medicinal aroma, very creamy mouthfeel, very bitter, medium to full body, long bitter ginseng aftertaste


t Smisje BBBourgondier 12° - 33cl  
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Brewed at the De Regenboog brewery for the The Burgundian Babble Belt

A dark and heavy ale - the strongest that the brewery has ever produced - in which three varieties of malt and two spices are utilised. It is brewed "in honour of" the Burgundian Babble Belt, a well known web-site on the Internet, where beer lovers can exchange all sorts of information.


t Smisje Dubble 9° - 33 cl 
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From the De Regenboog brewery. A special Artisanal beer

Cloudy dark red-brown coloured, small but lasting head. Lots of yeast (most of which i kept inside the bottle). Fantastic aroma, malts, coffee, chocolate, wood, some Madeira indeed. Thick mouthfeel, sweet, malty, alcoholic and even some cheese. Remarkably the flavour doesn't really improve when the beer warms up. Lasting bittersweet finish, dry and some alcohol. Overall a bit like an aged (2 or 3 year old) Chimay Bleu. Fantastic brew.


t Smisje Honing 6° - 33cl 
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Honey beer from De Regenboog brewery

The aroma is very faint but sweet malty. The color is a clear brown and it has a fine lazing head, though disappearing. At first the flavor is a little sour, but then it turns into sweet honey combined with malt and roasted bread.


t Smisje Triple 9° - 33 cl 
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Artisanal beer from the De Regenboog brewery

Extremely cloudy orange color, medium lasting head. Aroma is citrus, orange, bit yeasty, bit spicy. Taste is watery orange, bit sirupy texture, spicy and yeasty. Slightly bitter, sticky palate. Again a very good brew!
Pours a cloudy, pale golden color with a fizzy white head that rapidly dissipates. The aroma is mostly malty. Medium body with medium carbonation, the flavor is malty and nutty, the finish is sweet and a little cloying. This is similar to some of the American tripels, such as Avery's and weyerbacher's, Very nice.


Toison d'Or 7°-1/3L 
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Clear amber triple with a fruity slightly spirity nose, suggesting a sweet brandy or whiskey.
Its initial taste is peppery and caramel flavored but with an underlying honorable, and very correct layer of bitterness.


Triple Grand Cru 8.7°-1/3L 
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Hoegaarden Grand Cru is the noblest beer in the Hoegaarden brewery, with a surprising bouquet and a peachy colour and palate. The taste combines sweetness with a hop bitterness. This speciality beer has an alcohol content of 8.7% vol, and should be served at 5° C. 


Troubadour 6.5° - 1/3L 
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'Troubadour' is a deep blond beer with 6,5 % alc. and a second fermentation on the bottle. This second fermentation is responsible for the higher alcoholpercentage and the further evolution of the beer in the bottle. When poured out in a suitable glass, 'Troubadour' has a thick white tenacious head. The first contact with the tongue results in a lovely sparkling feeling. The flavour is caracterized by a mild bitterness and somewhat spicy, followed by a pleasant sweet after taste and dry finish.


Tzelfde 6.1°C - 25Cl 
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Light yellow-amber. Very little head. Very aromatic nose: ginger, vanilla, orange, marzipan. Very malty at first but with upcoming bitterness, und(r)efined. Very full-bodied, gives an impression of much higher density, even alcohol apparent.


Ultra Amber 7° - 1/3L 
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A somewhat hazy orange on the pour, the head mountainous and light tan in color, frothy and after decomposing the lace forms a delicate sheet upon the glass. Malt is dominate in the lightly sweet nose, a tad plum like, but a pleasant beer to sniff, and the start sweet and malt laden, the top middling in feel. Finish is quite acidic but not unpleasant, the hops perfect in their spiciness, droughty long lasting aftertaste with a bit of “belly warming to boot”, drinkable and I think a fine beer have a couple of after a fine dinner.
This is the original beer from Ecaussinnes. 7% alcohol. It is spiced, but you don't really taste the spices. Nice amber color, lightly caramelised with a light bitter taste at the end. A very nice beer, recommended by Michael Jackson.
From brewery "Brasserie d'Ecaussinnes"


Ultra Blond 8° - 1/3L 
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This blond beer is characterised by a bitter sweet palate which generates a mildly bitter finish.
As promised by the label this beer is blonde in color, very brite. A thin head leaves nice belgian lace all the way to the end of the glass. Fruity estery aroma reminds me of orange peels. Very nice mouthfeel with a refreshing bitter finish. The flavor is remincent of oranges/tangerines.

From brewery " Brasserie d'Ecaussinnes"


Ultra Bruin 10° - 1/3L 
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Tan thin head that holds well. Deep brown and brite in color. The initial flavor seems to be the sharpness of candi sugar followed by a slight high lovibond caramel and chocolate malt. The enormity of this beer is well masked in the flavor making it appear a light very drinkable ale.
10 % of alcohol, a light Scotch-aftertaste, a nice body coming from the 4 different kinds of malt (one pale, two caramelised and one torrified malt).

From brewery "Brasserie d'Ecaussinnes"


UltraDelice 8° - 1/3L 
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Deep brown color with a tan head that holds well. The aroma is fine and delicate like a belgian chocolate. The flavor is rich and malty boasting of chocolate malts without any astingincy. There is a fair amount of bitterness that seems very appropriate however, there is something a bit out of balance between the amount of bitterness and the level of sweetness. A great stand alone desert beer, comprable to a Rochefort or Westvleteren.

From brewery "Brasserie d'Ecaussinnes "


UltrAmour 5° - 1/3L 
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Special in the range. A raspberry beer, but with addition of three other fruit extracts. A sweet-sour taste makes it unique. People say its a better kriek and it's very popular with beer lovers.

From brewery "Brasserie d'Ecaussinnes "


UltraSoif 5° - 1/3L 
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A five degrees blond top- fermented beer, but still with a nice taste.

Cloudy orange colour, fine head, honey and pineapple aroma, some spices, sweet and medium-bodied, dry finish with more honeyish notes - balanced and pleasant
From brewery "Brasserie d'Ecaussinnes "



Urchon 7° - 75cl 
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A dark beer which the brewery brought onto the market. "The beer from the angel's fen" says the label. That, however, has nothing to do with the name of the beer. "Urchon" refers to the colloquial name by which the inhabitants of Irchonwelz are commonly known.


Vapeur en Folie 8° - 1/3L 
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Artisanal blond beer.

Brewed with spices.

Cloudy orange colour, average head. Acidic peach aroma. Light bodied with a hint of black cherries. Dry, clean finish.

Brewed and bottledby brewery Vapeur.


Vapeur Rousse 3/4L 
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This is produced by the only brewery in the world that still uses steam-power to brew its beers. It is a beer with all the spice you could possibly want, slightly acid, a suugestion of exoticism, just enough alcohol ( 8%), and a very intelligent mix of hops, and the result is complex but full flavored.


Vieille Salm 8.3°-1/3L 
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It is uniquely its amber colored appearance that makes this beer look somewhat old-fashioned. This beer is in fact rather young and refreshing, whish gives it a fruity aroma. It is light in palate with no acridity.
Gold with an excellent fluffy white head and good condition. Good perfumed hoppines and delicate suggestion of spices in the aroma but as it warms some starchiness develops. Full bodied and chalky in the mouth with some hefty maltiness and a delicate spiced and perfumed edge. A nicely developing yeastiness tries to steer it towards witbier territory but it wants to be a Duvel and tries hard to stick to the plan. Malty finish that dries out quite quickly leaving some yeast and hop notes lingering.



Vieux Temps 5°-1/4L 
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Vieux Temps is a thirst quenching top fermented ale. the beer has a light amber colour and a fruity, full bodied taste, with a light prune flavour. It has an alcohol content of 5.2 % vol. and is best served at 3°C.

Caramel and light perfume aroma. Amber color, white head, good lace. Sweet but not too sweet, caramel, nicely hopped. Long lasting finish. Not a specialty but a very nice beer to drink all evening.


Vleteren Alt Blond 8° - 1/4L 
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Artisanal beer with refermetation in bottle.

Golden coloured. Hazy. White head. Malt, berries and light alcahol notes in the aroma. Yeast, spice and alcahol is dominant in the flavour. Is light fruity and malty in the aftertaste.

From Deca brewery


Vleteren Alt Bruin 8° - 1/4L 
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The beer pours a deep beclouded brown with a semi-creamy head that is mountainous in size as it slowly fades a satin sheet of lace is left to obscure the glass from sight. Nose is rich in sweet malt with a nice hint of yeast, also crisp and fresh, with a hint of brandy bitterness, front is sweet with a good malt presence, the top feels moderate to the palate. Finish is heavy-handed in its acidity with the hops prickly in their spicy bite, tart and somewhat alcohol bitter aftertaste that is also sherry dry, and the alcohol does tend to warm the belly, a fine drinking beer.



Vondel 8°-1/3L 
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Well rounded unusual brown beer, malty and slightly fruity. From the Riva brewery.

This strong ale of Scottish style is bottle conditioned. It is dark amber coloured through roasted malt and caramel and flavoured by a little coriander and aniseed. Vondel is a perfect night cap and it is often used in beer dishes. Vondel is also the name of a famous Dutch writer.
The color is a very deep brown with hints of red, the appetizing aroma is sweet and spicy with hints of citrus and hops. the flavor is sweet with a spicy hop finish. A very satisfying and tasteful beer.


Witkap Stimulo Triple 1/3L 
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 A delicate blend of sweet, dry and hoppy flavours which leaves a clear bitter aftertaste


Wittekerke Speciale 5.8°C - 25Cl 
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This beer, brewed for the year 2000, has a 5.8% alcohol level, as well as the normal "Wittekerke" and a fruity (with prawns) bouquet. Its taste is made of nuts and apricots flavours and a sweet and tonic aftertaste. Let the bottles mature for a few weeks in a cellar and its taste will be still better (25cl).

This beer pours a cloudy yellow with a nice puffy white head and a little lacing on the glass. The aroma was a little wheaty and spicy with some hints of citrus. The flavor was very smooth and had a little spice with the expected wheaty-ness expected from a wit beer. This is a very enjoyable Belgian wheat and a good representation of the style.


Wostyntje 7° - 33cl 
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This beer with Torhouts' mustard has been craft brewed with top-fermentation at Brewery De Regenboog. Ingredients are malts, hop, candi sugar, mustard seed, yeast and water.

Creamy orange color with hints of red w/ minimal head. Peach, lime nose with creaminess...Very Floral. Creamy lime, peach with light roasted flavors. Lingering bite in the mid palate. Some sparkle, lots of flesh fruit, acidity, some spice, slight herbal quality. Nice malt, wheat, orange with a long light hop like finish.


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