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Mac Chouffe 8.5°-3/4L 
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Deep dark murky brown color, small, but simmering, tan head. Aroma: mollasses, nuts, butter, cream, dates, raisins, dark rum, all the rich flavors one can imagine. Thick, full, hot mouthfeel, full body, tingly hops. Super-charged with hops, the flavor keeps on coming, simmers and stews, with a long lasting, rich, satisfying finish! Takes the cake for all brown ales everywhere, past, present, future. Round, delicious, sensuous, and utterly lip smackin’!


Malheur 10° - 33cl 
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Re-fermented and bottle-conditioned Full bodied, medium strong, gold coloured beer, with a rich honey-like texture, and a pleasant warming, slightly hoppy-dry lingering aftertaste.
Hazy orange due to the massive hop usage. Extremely creamy head. Aroma of perfumey hops, rust, honey, alcohol, and caramelized sugar. This is absolutely bursting with complex flavors: particularly sweet honeyed malts. Do not forget about the full flavored hops that lend am unsurpased dry aspect. Overall one of the most underrated beers on the site. An exquisite example of a hybrid Triple/Belgian hop elixir.


Malmedy Blond 7°c - 33cl 
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This beer is a good example of a very well balanced beer. Big solid head. Nice fruity aroma, looks beautifully deep yellow-ish golden, Flavour is very nice for a blonde, there is a sweetnes yet bitter nor too much in either, The palate showes how well this beer is brewed, it is superbly balanced.
Medium body, creamy texture, lively carbonation. A somewhat subtle winner: appetizingly bright aroma, great balance in the flavor profile, nice mouthfeel, and visually attractive. Very quaffable but interesting enough to sip as well.


Malmedy Blonde 6°-3/4L 
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Malmedy Bruin 7°C - 33Cl 
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Head is initially large, frothy, rocky, light brown, fully lasting. Body is dark brown, dense tiny particles, bottle conditioned. Aroma is moderately malty (cookie), moderately yeasty (cobwebs, mold), lightly hoppy (herbs), with a strong note of licorice, lesser notes of clove and raisin. Flavor is moderately sweet, moderately bitter, lightly acidic. Finish is moderately bitter, lightly acidic. Medium body, watery texture, lively carbonation. Enticing spicy aroma, great flavor balance (like the Floreffe brown ales, it's almost all bitterness to counter the malt...relatively little acidity, which I like in this context), and looks terrific. Mouthfeel could be better, though. Like the Malmedy Blonde, this one is also very quaffable, yet still worthy of sipping.


Malmedy Brune 7°-3/4L 
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Moneuse 3/4L 
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A nutty amber brew named for A. J. Moneuse (b. 1768), a famous local bandit and gang leader, and ancestor of the brewer's family.
This one pours a hazy amber color with small yeast particles floating thoughout. It has a white, rocky, medium sized head that lasts. The aroma is slightly sour and acidic with hints of yeast, oak, and chalk. The flavor is slightly nutty up front with some decent malt sweetness. The finish is long and sweet with lots of honey and fruit. This one is very smooth with a medium body, creamy texture, and soft carbonation. Quite an experience.


Montagnarde 9°-1/3L 
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This beer, robust in taste and strength (9%) is the tops for flavour. It has a fruity and spicy bouquet, it has a stark taste, between a sharp bitterness and a caramelised flavour. It has no sugar, and this pure malt beer oscillates between various tendencies which all round off the bitterness. It has a peppery taste at the back of the mouth and a sharpness on the tongue. It is active in the mouth and lets each flavour express itself individually. It is very active in the glass which gives it a full, lasting, head. It has a long conclusion and puts emphasis on an ever present bitterness but less supported by the caramel. The final impression is one of gingerbread without sugar.


Newton 3,5°C - 25Cl 
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Slightly cloudy yellow color. Yeasty, apple concentrate aroma. Very sweet, fake apple body, semi-tart palate. Too sweet and the concentrated apple concoction doesn't help it's cause, but the yeastiness and bottle conditioning makes this a clear winner over beers such as Niagara Apple Ale.
The Newton beer, brewed and bottled by Lefebvre brewery, is a white apple beer.
Its ingredients are apple juice, sugar, flavour, ascorbic acid and citric acid.


Nounnette 7.5° - 1/3L 
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From brewery "Abbaye des Rocs"

Cloudy golden color; creamy head. Nice malty aroma, with some hop and spices. Very good taste, which combines the maltiness, quite sweet in the front, to the late bitterness. Aromatic and spicy. Good, as always by Abbaye des Rocs.
Hazy gold, long lasting but thin white head, moderate condition. Muted fruity malt and low yeastiness in the nose, full bodied and malty in the mouth with slight sweet yeastiness lingering through to the finish before turning dry and slightly chalky.


Oeral 6°C - 33Cl 
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A hazy dark orange beer with an enormous white lasting head (atleast when drunk from a tulip). The aroma is rather spicy - I can't pick up that much, but yeast, corriander, and caraway. The flavor is sweet and rather complex containing notes of honey, oranges, corriander, and other for me unrecognizable spices. The end is both sweet and bitter combined with the alcohol tingling the tongue. The palate is good - especially considering it weighing in at only 6% ABV.


Oerbier 7.5°C - 33Cl 
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Means original, from the spring. This beer has been brewed in small scale (5 gallons). At home in a copper wash kettle, by two brothers who were students at the time.
They took over an old brewery which was out of business and said: "If we don't remake the brewery alive, nobody will!". It was also a unique opportunity to create some interesting brews, so why not try it ?
Therefore we van and will do the main work ourselves and keep the scale of the brewery like it was.
Since then,  the brewery and its beers have been an inspiration source for a lot of brewers.
Oerbier is brewed from no less than 6 malts. Poperinge Golding hops in flowers and a special veast which makes it a little tart, especially with aging. At the brewery we have excellent cellars which have a constant temperature of 8°C and allow Oerbier to age at its best.
After a couple of years Oerbier tastes like it should have been blended with wine … Oerbier has been refermented in the bottle and contains a layer of yeast, having vitamins B. NAT en STRAF on the glasses means WET and STRONG, a warning for the 7.5 vol. alcohol content.


Pagadder 6.5° - 75cl 
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From De Koninck brewery

Pagadder is a beer based on a recipe which dates back to 1550, and which was brewed at that time as a substitute for the local wine.
Beautiful clear redbrown color accompanied by a light thin head. somewhat floral aroma, followed by a nice hoppy bitterness as it first hits the tongue. Fruity with a fairly alcoholic presence. aftertaste is lacking.
Very fruity, raisin aroma. Redbrown color, light brown head, lots of bubbles, good lace. Sweet, fruity, raisin, bit dusty, nice underlaying bitterness. Quite full, litle alcohol burn, little sticky.


Palm 5.0° - 33Cl - Can 
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Golden bronze colour, smallish, quickly evaporating head. Aroma - plenty of hops, some malty sweetness, and something faint that reminds me of aged plastic bottles or turpentine. Well balanced between sweet and bitter flavours and palate, a good body and easy dry finish. A very drinkable Belgian ale indeed.
Perfect to enjoy very chilled on a very hot summers day. It tries to please everybody - and succeeds.


Palm 5°-1/4L 
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The top selling standard ale in Belgium, produced by the family Palm brewery, first established in 1747. A nice light refreshing beer.
Amber with a good head and nice lacework. Sweet, malty and fruity aroma with metallic notes. Flavour is smooth, fruity and a bit bitter. Aftertaste is malty, slightly bitter and metallic.


Palm Royal 7° - 1/3L 
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Full in body and taste, rich in aromas, the essential Speciale Belge was created by Alfred Van Roy for his ninetieth birthday under the name Royal Van Roy-ale.
The color is deep orange to copper. Small thin head however, what little bit there is has staying power to the end of the glass. The aroma is rich with roasted and caramel malts that carry into the flavor. Light mouthfeel with a crisp finish. Somewhat of a lingering roasted/caramel malt finish. Very tasty.


Pandreitje 7° - 33cl 
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Artisanal beer from De Regenboog brewery

The beer came into being as a result of the co-operation between the brewer and a building developer, in connection with a new housing project in Pandreitje in the heart of Bruges, where some years ago the prison once stood.



Passendael 6°C - 25Cl 
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Gold-brown colour with shortish lasting creamy off-white head, and quite nice lacing. Slightly sour hoppy metallic malt aroma. Good carbonation helps the bitter-sweet- sour balance on the palate. Medium bodied, less sweet malt and more sharp bitter flavours. Pleasant dry bitter finish.
What's really great in this beer is it's smooth finish/palate. The beer is much like a palm, a nice amber beer. Appearance is average, not impressive. Head dies quickly. Mostly bitter, amber taste. Good!


Petrus Brune 1/4L 
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Top-fermented beer with a deep dark red colour. This beer ripens for 24 months in oak barrels. This gives Petrus Original (in Flanders called ''Oud Bruin'') its vinous, noble taste and slightly sour in character. The mild alcohol content makes this beer the perfect thirst-quencher.
Very nice indeed. Very sour but sweet at the same time. Nice brown head. One can definately tell it was in oak barrels. Very tart. This is an excellent beer to cook game birds in.


Petrus Speciale 1/4L 
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Pours a cloudy copper tone with a nice tight off white cap...fair effervescence in the glass....aromas of apples or pears with a musty yeast note. Starts tart and peppery then goes very slick with malt and tangy fruit pronouncments then the finish is long where the malts fade and a sour apple taste remains..slight warming...nice brew. Smooth and easy drinking...
Sparkling light golden color with a fine head and lace. Light hoppy, slighlty organic, sweet aroma. Some tartness, with light hoppy taste. Really quite dry.


Petrus Triple 1/4L 
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With a high volume of alcohol ( 7.5%), this beer leaves a lingering bitterness on the tongue and in the throat. It is very rich in flavor and the is a very discreet but noteworthy fruity touch.
This triple blonde is good for quenching a thirst and is also an above average digestive drink.
A slightly hazy light orange brew with a nice white head that stays forever. Good thick maltiness to the texture with a very dry end. Spicy aroma with a bit of citrus and apple. This brew is very lively on the palate with a good carbonation enhancing the spice and fruit tastes, good maltiness really makes this brew very good.


Piedboeuf Bruin 1,5°C - 33Cl 
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Dirty yellow-brown head, fast gone; darker brown beer with ruby shine. Sweet nose, fruity, "traubenzucker"; dark, but sweet malts. Faint "floue" sweet taste, a touch fruity. Sourish impression, without really something to back it up. Watery texture, but medium body. A bit flat, but seen its "style", not so bad.


Piedboeuf Triple 3,8°C - 33 Cl 
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Water colour. White foam. Hardly a flavour. This is therefore called a 'table beer' in Belgium. Beer even kids can drink.
Head is initially average sized, frothy, white, mostly diminishing. Body is clear light yellow. Aroma is lightly malty (grain), trace hops (herbs). Flavor is lightly sweet, lightly bitter. Finish is lightly bitter. Light to medium body, watery texture, fizzy carbonation.


Pilaarbijter Blond 7,5° - 1/3L 
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This belgian ale pours with a yellow body topped by a medium thick head with a good amount of lacing left behind. The aroma is slightly sweet but mostly bitter and grassy wtih a slightly spicy woody note. The flavor is similar with more spicy notes and more woody notes. Medium bodied and smooth but mostly dry.

From Bavik brewery



Pilaarbijter Bruin 8°- 1/3L 
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Dark amber, clear; preposterously huge yellow-brown head, going down lacey. Vanilla, bit of chocolate malts, later more herbal, nearly piney. Dark malts prevail in the taste, but the beer is neutral rather than sweet-bitter; neither is it ale-like, like the Winterbier, despite the shared ABV. Slightly chocolatey, slightly spicey, slightly tobacco. Rather empty mouthfeel. Aftertaste is a late bittering onset, slightly hoppy in character.


Piraat 10.5°-1/3L 
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Voted overall Best Amber Beer (Gold medal) in the California Microbrew Beer Festival 1995.
In the 17th and 18th century, strong ale like the Piraat was highly prized by the seafaring captains for its keeping qualities and its high and healthy food value. The daily distribution of a pint of this ale kept the pirates in good health and gave them the spirit to survive the hard life on the sea. One had no water on a ship, but wine or strong beer that could be kept for months on the sea. Piraat is a wickedly rich and rounded brew that packs a mighty punch. The powerful glow builds up from inside. Deep golden with a subtle haze. Lots of hops and malt. Mild sweetness. Reminiscent of bread dough, spices and tropical fruits.


Piraat 10.5°-3/4L 
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Voted overall Best Amber Beer (Gold medal) in the California Microbrew Beer Festival 1995.
In the 17th and 18th century, strong ale like the Piraat was highly prized by the seafaring captains for its keeping qualities and its high and healthy food value. The daily distribution of a pint of this ale kept the pirates in good health and gave them the spirit to survive the hard life on the sea. One had no water on a ship, but wine or strong beer that could be kept for months on the sea. Piraat is a wickedly rich and rounded brew that packs a mighty punch. The powerful glow builds up from inside. Deep golden with a subtle haze. Lots of hops and malt. Mild sweetness. Reminiscent of bread dough, spices and tropical fruits.


Ploquette 7.5°-1/3L 
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Special blond beer, with 100% pure malt, slightly hoppy.
Its bitterness is afloat in a rich nectar of natural ingredients, where one can detect a hint of caramel, and water, as well as a discreet suggestion of dry sponge biscuits
Storage life: 18 months
Serving temperature: 8°C


Poiluchette Blonde 1/4L 
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Light Belgian ale aroma, with yeast, hint of citrus, and inherent sweetness. Cloudy medium amber with foamy off-white lacing head. Medium body with very active carbonation, but not harsh on the tongue. Alcohol burn. Starts with pretty good sweetness, with light fruity characteristics. Yeasty notes with a bit of tart towards the finish. After has some dry bitterness to it, but casts off a sourish hops and muted chemical bitterness.


Poiluchette Brune 1/4L 
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Head is initially large, frothy, light brown, mostly lasting. Body is hazy dark orange-brown, dense tiny/small particles, bottle conditioned. Aroma is heavily malty (molasses, dark bread) with a note of alcohol. Flavor is heavily sweet, moderately bitter. Finish is lightly sweet, lightly bitter. Medium to full body, syrupy texture, soft carbonation. This is clearly a doppelbock, stylistically, in every category.


Poorter 6.5-3/4L 
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Dark strong beer brewed in a traditional way according to the purity law of 1516.
Dark red-brown with small beige head. Malty, toffee, clean tasting, medium to full bodied.
From brewery Sterkens

Head is initially small, frothy, off-white, mostly diminishing. Body is medium orange-brown, moderate density of tiny and small particles. Aroma is moderately malty (caramel, toasted light bread, nutty), lightly hoppy (flowers), lightly yeasty (cobwebs, mold), with notes of orange, plum, clove, and cola. Flavor is moderately sweet, moderately bitter, lightly acidic. Finish is moderately bitter, lightly acidic. Medium body, creamy texture, lively carbonation, lightly astringent.


Père Abbé Blond 6.3° - 33cl 
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A very balanced beer with a clear blonde colour and persisting white head. Coriandre and citrusflavours. Characterfull. Refermented in the bottle


Père Abbé Bruin 6.5° - 33cl 
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Dark brown beer with a small head. Strong roasted bread and light malt aroma. Rather thin, light bitter taste with a bitter aftertaste.


Père Abbé Triple 7.3° - 33cl 
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This beer sports a very fresh citrus smell with fine hop aroma's. very balanced with an agreeable bitter finish. Refermented in the bottle. A slight haze is possible.
Pale golden beer. Thick white head. Alcohol, chalk & yeasty whilst pouring. Dry, caramelised sugar in the glass. Taste is sugar, caramel-like sweetness. A bit empty - maybe some notes from very ripe pear. Very dry, balanced by a very active carbonation. Little body apparent. A bit of alcohol warming effect.


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