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Caracole Bruin 7,2°C - 75 Cl 
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CARACOLE TROUBLETTE from Brasserie Caracole is a artisanal Wallonian white ale. Lightly spiced wheat beer of great complexity, starts off with aroma of mangoes, apples, citric fruit, wheat, yeast and finishes with slight sourness.


Carolus 7.5°-1/3L 
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This beer, which is a hundred years old, is not based on any known category of beer. It is a strong beer, in particular through a mellow aroma. Its content is low on hops, and its bitter-sweet taste, which makes it at the same time resemble a traditional Flemish brown ale while retaining its vinous tone, is essentially du the presence of a caramel malt and coriander

Het Anker Brewery still brews "The Emperor's Beer" which is of guaranteed top fermentation and bottle conditioning following traditional methods. Its high gravity (O.G. 1080-85) combines the warmth of wine and the freshness of beer. Gouden Carolus is one of the strongest and most exciting beers in the world. After lengthy maturing and conditioning, it is bottled unfiltered, giving a beer which is rich in vitamins and 100% natural. Gouden Carolus has unlimited storage (it even imporves with age) and will charm you with its warm coppery colour and its rich bouquet.


Cervoise 5° 
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Artisanal beer with amber color. Fermented in bottle

Beautiful hazy amber color, creamy head. Malt nose, sugar, caramel, wallnuts. Pretty sweet, but the age gives some improved character; a lot of malt, caramel, some wood. The best feature is the harmony of the different tastes, accomplished with the aging.


Charles Quint 7°-1/3L 
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Deep chestnut red, good creamy head with nice lace and condition. Aromas of raisin fruit, toffee, malt and estery barley wine. More fruit and malt in the mouth with a hint of licorice and a kick from the alcohol. Soft malty and dry finish. Almost a Trappiste Lite.
The aroma is absolutely incredible (reminds me very much of a [very complex] weizenbock, but with old/cobwebby Belgian yeast), but the sweetness is too big and tends to stick around too long...fatiguing.


Chateau Bruin 11°-1/3L 
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A very strong and rich beer from the same brewery that produces Brigand. A deep dark ale, with very malty aroma and a sweetish palate. Definitely an after dinner drink!

Pours with a lovely cola colored brown with a mocha colored thick head and excellent lacing - going to have a tough time cleaning the glass tomorrow morning! Aroma has some sweet accents of baked brown bread, raisins and sugar. Flavor has many of the same notes with some cinamony-chocolate making a late appearance. Candy sugar flavor is prominent and makes this very enticing and hides the ABV of 11% oh so well. Good, thick mouthfeel, low carbonation - feels just right. All around an excellent Belgian.


Chateau Bruin 11°-3/4L 
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A very strong and rich beer from the same brewery that produces Brigand. A deep dark ale, with very malty aroma and a sweetish palate. Definitely an after dinner drink!

Dark mahoghany coloured with a pretty head on top. Has a very sweet aroma. Some spices notabel. In the flavour there is almonds and sweetness. The alcahol is totally hidden. Lives a good life on the palate. Had this served with a starter (spiced duck and chutney), and this was a perfect match.


Chateau Triple 11°-1/3L 
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Taste: Full Bodied with a burnt caramel flavor.
Strength: 11.5% heavy to drink.
Serve At: Room temperature

This is a live beer, and since secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle, there is a relatively high amount of carbonation. This is also a beer style that will cellar well (if stored at appropriate temperatures) and it will actually improve with age. The incredible fact about this beer is that it has a 15 year shelf life! (Forget those 'born on' dates!)   This is a big beer -- 11% ABV is a big number -- but the alcohol is not so overwhelming. This beer is actually quite easy to drink. Dare I say it? It can even be guzzled. The nose has a honey-malt sweetness. The palate is malty, sweet, filled with butterscotch and complex hop flavors, mellowed by a nutty, vanilla edge.


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Golden Ale, strong, spicy, lightly hoppy, with evoluting taste. Natural Beer, bottle refermented, unfiltered, not pasteurised and without any additives

This Chouffe was dying to get out of the bottle. The head is full and strong and maintains its presence throughout. It has a fine lace that clings to the glass, and an amber/golden color. La Chouffe has a great combination of effervescence and creaminess that adds an interesting character to the mouth feel and the taste. The smell is earthy and fruity with a hint of apples and pears. Taste is a complex and somewhat subtle mix of sweet and bitter that makes it very drinkable and not overwhelming. I have had in on tap and from the bottle and have never been disappointed.


Ciney 9°-1/4L 
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Special dark brown beer. Bitter-sweet, with a marked roundness and a strong alcoholic aftertaste.
Serving temperature: 3 to 4°C
Nose is loaded with the aroma of over ripe fruit, plums comes to mind, sweet malt and a molasses like tone with some peat and smoke a complex nose to say the least, the start is sweet and thick with malt the top is middling in its feel. Finish is stinging in its acidity, the hops pertinent to the style and the 9 percent ABV, leaves a nice warming sensation in the tummy, quite dry aftertaste that sticks to the palate, a most enjoyable beer.


Ciney Blonde 7°-1/4L 
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Sweet & citrusy. Yeasty & hay. Sour cherry hops. Sugar. Golden amber clear with light lacing white head. Medium body & light carb. Feathery. Papery & bit of metal. Light sweetness, sugar & citrus. Hops gives bitter end. Kind of watery but pleasant.


Ciney Brune 7°-1/4L 
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A dark beer, bitter-sweet tasting with a smooth aftertaste.
Serving temperature: 3 to 4°C

Poured a dark opaque brown colored beer with a nice head with better then average retention. Aroma is a mix of roasted malt and some slight notes of sweetness. Taste is very refreshing with again notes of roasted malt and candi sugar hitting my palate. I would have expected a bit more complexity from this beer to go from good to great. Overall, this is not a bad dubbel but maybe lacking a bit of character.


Cochonnette 1/3L 
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This beer is a superbly spiced beer, with caramel tangs highlighted by a bitterbess that appears during the second phase. It leaves a sharp aftertaste but does not affect the overall impression


Corsaire 9.4°-1/3L 
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This beer is pasteurized when bottled, and undergoes no further treatment. It has a beautiful aroma with the fragrance of sugar cane. In its taste however there is a very manifest suggestion of burnt caramel, which is a result of the roasted malt used in its fabrication.
It is particularly easy to digest, and can be drunk with obvious pleasure, even served cool


Cuvee des Trolls 7°C - 25 Cl 
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Hazy, yellow ale with a large, frothy, white head. Good retention and good, solid lacework. The nose is of butter, pear, yellow apple and clover honey with bready notes. Malty and fruity flavor up front with light atringency and tartness on the backside. Medium-bodied with a smooth, creamy mouthfeel and lively carbonation. Medium-length, chardonnay-like, dry finish. Very nice!
Good mouthfeel, pleasant tongue tingle, lot's of carbonation, full bodied, dry. A really good one!


Cuvée Francorchamps Triple 8°c- 33Cl 
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Artisanal beer

High blond beer, with a volume of alcohol of 8%, with a sweetish odour. It's a beer of high fermentation.

Cloudy dark orange colour, big creamy head with a beautiful lacing, dry honey aroma, sweet and smooth with a light finishing bitterness - all the characteristics of a tripel but some power and originality are missing


Cuvée Hautes Voues 8°-1/4L 
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Brewed by the Silly Brewery. This beer is a artisanal beer.

Dark for a Triple, but that is surely what this is. Unique and highly appetizing aroma of roasted almonds. Rich malt flavors hit first, followed by a balanced bit of aged hops, which is then lost in a nice taste of subdued alcohol. A refined, elegant drink. Superb!


Das Hoegaerdse 1/4L 
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Hougaerdse Das dates from 1931 and has recently been rediscovered by the brewers of Hoegaarden. Das creates a new beer segment - an unfiltered, light amber barley beer, easily drinkable, full of character and appealing to beer afficionados who like to experiment. It has an alcohol content of 5% vol and should be served at 2 to 3° C.
Hougaerdse DAS is a coppery colored dark blond Beer with a small head.


De Koninck 5°-1/4L 
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In reality, this beer is a very straightforward beer, and can be classified as an ale. What makes it stand out from English beers in that category, are the slightly peppery, fruity aniseed tangs. Its finish leaves a surprisingly fresh sensation. Its ingredients include amber malts, which are perfectly balanced in the initial approach.
It is drunk at a fairly cool temperature ( 5°C)



De Koninck Blond 6° - 1/3L 
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Very clear light gold in colour. Aromas are sweet grain with hints of banana. Flavours are mild fruity malts with some yeast mustiness. The finish is quite bitter and dry. Also has a nice foam mouthfeel. Not too complex, but refreshing and light.


Delirium 9°-1/3L 
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This perfect blonde accentuates qualities of an exceptional hop as well as various pale malts. She offers acute points of bitterness, and reveals with the nose an astonishing malted coat. It finishes on a bitter tone peppered without any key of aggressiveness. It represents strong lager under its best appearance. It was crowned champion of the beer world in 1998.

Category: A Golden Beer
Taste: Well balanced bubbly golden beer with a vanilla after taste.
Strength: 9.0% orders can only be placed using Java enabled browsers
Serve At: Cooled.
This beer comes in a stone coloured bottled and served in a glass covered in pink elephants! This may upset the purest but comes over as fun to the majority. This is a well crafted beer that rarely fails to make an impact


Delirium Nocturnum 8.5°- 33Cl 
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This is the dark-brown brother brew of the Delirium Tremens. That beer, made with five malts, is smooth, rich and perfumy

A somewhat comlex beer. It produces a tremendous head that requires either slow pouring a big glass. More malty than Tremens with some chocolate notes and risidual sweetness. Very good.


DeuS 11,5° - 3/4L 
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Wonderful and Sparkling !!!

This wonderful, sparkling "DeuS, Brut des Flandres, requires a production time of many months. This divine drink, made of barley, truly represents "the best of two worlds". First, it's brewed in Belgium using an unique recipe and techniques developed over centuries of brewing. Second, DeuS is refined in France using an ancestral technique, including the "ridding" and "yeast removal". The result is an exceptional drink !

Serve chilled (2-4°C) and gently into a chilled flute.


Divine 8.5°-1/3L 
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Top fermentation beer, style Abbey-ale
Color: amber
Exceptional delicious taste, thanks to a judicious selection of the bests malts and hops
Malts, suggar, hops Kent, Hallertau and Saaz
9,5% ABV
Container: 33 cl bottle

To serve between 7°C and 10°C


Duchesse de Bourgogne 6.2°-1/4L 
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Duchesse de Bourgogne 6.2°-1/4L
Despite its name, there are no comparison with any wine from that region, or indeed any wine whatoever.
Brewed along the most traditional lines, it belongs to the family of great Flemish brown beers, and has that same bitter-sweet taste. Yet, it is more dense than other beers in the same category. Despite a fairly acid taste, it leaves however a sweet taste at the back of the throat


Dulle Teve 10°c - 33cl 
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From De Dolle Brouwers brewery

Non-filtered and non-pasteurized blond beer. It has a sweet taste and a taste-evolution.

Monster head even after sitting for a while.Apicot color really murky streaming fillzles dancing up thru’ the haze.Insane fragrance of exotic fruits and yeast.Then maybe it comes on to a spiced tea aroma that makes it hard to stop sniffing.Will it taste this good??Almost,it is so carbonated that ,IMHO, it takes away from some of the flavor.Lots of teast but that spiced fruit flavor does poke it’s head out as does the alcohol.less carbonation would have made this more enjoyable.


Dupont Bière de Miel 8° -1/4L 
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From Dupont Brewery

Organic beer with honey

A biggish, cream-white, fine, foamy head collapses unevenly. The beer is mostly clear and orangey-gold. Nose is spicy, dusty, medicinal. It smells like those wax lips or wax harmonicas you used to eat. Some nice pepper and floral notes in the front, but bandaids and rubbing alcohol, too. Turns sweet and waxy. There's some sugar, too. But it's a little thin. A tangy, citrus finish is marred by an alcoholy sourness.


Duvel 8.5°-1/3L 
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Duvel is a high fermentation beer that is still brewed today based on the craftsmanship of yesteryear.
Duvel is made using the finest barley malt and hops, with no additives or preservatives. 
    Pours bright, hazy, very light colored yellow with a huge, rocky, thick white head. Yeasty aroma with hints of fruit (apples, pear, grape), citrus, a little bit of grain, and spice. I love the taste of this beer. It’s sweet, but in a very subtle way, fruity, yeasty, malty, and finishes spicy and dry with just a touch of alcohol. This beer has character without being excessive in any way. Always a good choice.


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