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Altitude 6° - 1/3L 
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Natural beer with yeast- Pure malt and hop.

Yellowish colour, small head. Aroma offers citrus and spices. Pleasent, balanced and complex taste!
From Abbaye des Rocs brewery


Antiek Blond 8° - 1/3L 
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An Artisanl beer from Deca brewery. Impossible to not appreciate it.

Orange coloured. Aroma of yeast with sweet notes of fruit and caramel. Sweet flavour with a dry and bitter finish.
Pours a cloudy, pale amber color with a medium sized, white head that lingers. The aroma is wonderfully fruity, with yeast, apples, bananas, and a bit of alcohol detected. Full bodied with medium carbonation, the flavor is fruity with yeasts and malts. The finish is slightly sweet, with touches of apples, pears, and bananas and a moderate bitterness from the hops. Fanatstic!


Antiek Super 5 - 5° -1/4L 
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Artisanal beer from Deca brewery

Cloudy orange colour with a giant foamy head, estery and yeasty nose, very carbonated, tart and acidic, light-bodied, very dry and a little bit brutal hoppy finish - very refreshing

The beer after its repudiation of the 330ml brown bottle takes up temporary residence in the glass a slightly hazy gold with a Brontosauric sized head that is creamy in consistency and the color an off white as it deliquesces the lace forms a solid sheet upon the glass. Nose is malt dominated, citrus like in its crispness, clean and fresh to the senses, start is sweet with a pleasant malt profile, the top light. Finish is authoritarian in its acidity with the hops delectable in their spicy presence, the aftertaste desert dry and long lasting, a nice refreshing beer.


Arabier 8°C - 33Cl 
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Arabier is a pure malt beer 7°vol/alc brewed with flower Nugget-hops from Poperinge.

It has the special dry-hopping taste and aroma, so appreciated by beerlovers allover the world.

It is one of the two main beers from De Dolle Brouwers throughout the year. Aging time is limited due to the fact that hop bitterness is declining with the time.
Store arabier cool and dark and serve cool at 10°C, as the signs in arab language indicate.
Cheers !


Atomium 8° - 33cl 
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The only beer brand in the world that is brewed with six different grains.

The robust, refreshing 6 grain beer, golden bronze in colour, with a lovely fruity flavour. Well-rounded and leaving a very satisfying taste.

The beer after its extraction from the 330ml stubby brown bottle sets in the glass a muzzy orange color with a Bunyanesque creamy light tan head, as it, slowly dissintagrates the lace forms a thick blanket to obfuscate the glass. Nose is over ripe fruit, lots of malt, fresh and crisp to the senses, start is ambrosial with a decent malt presence, the top light to moderate in feel. Finish is authoritarian in its acidity, the hops spicy and pleasing to the palate, quite dry and some somewhat tart aftertaste a nice drinking beer has a nice bit of tummy warming.


BAP Bière Pomme 1/5L 
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Barbar 8° 
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"Barbar" beer is prepared from a secret and harmonious mixture of barley malts, hops and honey carefully selected by our Master Berwer. The traditional brewing method, associated with our unique strain of yeast and, the secondary fermentation in the bottle, gives "Barbar" the taste of authentic ale with a very special flavour


Barbar Brune 8°C - 33cl 
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A dark brown almost black beer with a fine light brown head. The aroma is very sweet and complex with notes of plum and dates. A mellow very complex flavor hits You then it turns sweet then alcoholic combined with pricklyness with notes of raisins and hints of smoke - a fantastic soft complex and filling beer - great complexity. Try it !!


Biere des Grottes 6.5° C - 1/3L 
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Josh's translation of the french description..."Aged in the caves of Kanne, where the exceptional climatic circumstances give it a unique aroma and flavour without equal." In the U.S., the label will read "Grotten Brown Belgian Cave-Aged Ale."
Bottle pours a red brown, fairly dark, but fairly clear. The head was average leaving very little lace. The aroma was quite sweet, malty, light dark fruits, and deceptive. I say deceptive due to the flavor seeming much drier than the aroma. The flavor has a heavy malt backbone, but a quick dry finish with some hops that show through. There is a lingering sweetness, but only minor. The palate is nice and cleansing and works well with the dry side of the profile.


Binchoise ''BELGE'' 5° -1/4L 
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Artisanal amber beer from La Binchoise brewery

Clear amber colour with a fine head and a correct lacing, floral hoppiness with notes of caramel, medium-bodied, fine bitterness, the finish is quite dry, moderately malty with reminiscence of caramel - fresh and subtle


Binchoise Blonde 6.5°-1/3L 
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A high fermentation beer, with 6,5% alcohol content, bottled in 75, 33 cl and in 30l barrels. This beer is unfiltered, non-pasteurized and re-fermented in the bottle.

Brewed by brewing in a mash tun heated up by direct fire. A golden blond beer  lightly cloudy. Flavoured with aromatic hops, coriander, orange rind, this pure malt beer is often compared to a white beer. In the mouth, it is equally round and develops a fine bitterness that  makes a beer easy to drink specially when is draught served. His white and fine head is creamy and holds well


Binchoise Blonde 6.5°-3/4L 
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Available with two labels - Blonde in Wallonia and Fakir in Flanders and Canada. Though it is also relabelled as La Molagnarde Blonde. This is a particularly good blonde beer with lots of strong, clean citric hop character throughout. The orange peel that is included amongst the ingredients tends to only come through in the nose. We find this beer is great when served straight from the fridge as a little of the freshness is lost as it warms up.


Binchoise Brune 8.7°-1/3L 
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Tradition Brown Ale


A high fermentation beer, with 8,2% alcohol content, bottled in 75, and 33 cl, re-fermented in the bottle. This re-fermentation in the bottle gives a banana taste added to the orange and malts aromas used during the brewing.  Brown color with a abundant head lightly coppery. It is a digest beer retrieving its malting feature from the three kinds of malt which forms its base. Offers a persistent and dry after-taste which makes appear the aromatic of the hops taste.


Binchoise Brune 8.7°-3/4L 
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Tradition Brown Ale



This beer looks like it means business right from the start. It is dark red brown with a good fluffy head and has a rich spicy malt nose with a few bitter orange notes. The palate has a big hoppy bite and a rich, fruity, dark coffee character, which tries to become roasted in the finish.


Bière du Lion 8° - 1/3L 
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An other beer from Brewery Vervifontaine ( Bière des fagnes, Hervoise)

Refermented in bottle

Hoppy, yeasty aroma, plenty of carbonation. Sweet bready malt flavors. Smooth and nice maltiness with good hop flavor. Surprisingly bitter in the finish (quite dry) Carbonation tickles the tongue. Nice.


Blonde des Fagnes 8°-1/3L 
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This beer is very direct with no distinctive nose, as its aroma is so omnipresent that it leaves no room for surprises in the tastes to come. These are powerful and enhanced by the typical tastes characteristic of the Ardennes


Blonde des Peres 6°C - 33 Cl 
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Blond, hazy body. White ,fizzy head, mostly lasting, fairly lacing. Hoppy (lightly citric) aroma. Lightly sweet, lightly bitter initial flavour. Lightly bitter, lightly sweet (moderately long) finish. Soft and warm mouthfeel.


Bokrijk 7.2°-3/4L 
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An excellent top fermented ale, brewed according to the traditions you can find in the domain of Bokrijk (Belgium). Second fermentation in the jar.
Orange/rust color with a cloudy appearance. Initial large white sticky head that settled to the sides of the glass with what looked like a dollup of cream in the center. Aromas of orange and caramel. Thick, creamy mouthfeel with flavors of toffee, coriander and clementine.


Bon secours Amber 8° C - 33 Cl 
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Very lively amberbeer with a nice warm-nutty color and a very fluffy head. This beer has great aromas of sweet chesnuts (confit) with a touch of marzipan and a good dosis of malts. The taste is malty with a lightsweet caracter and a fine dosis of nobel yeast. It is a beer with a round taste and a good balance.


Bon Secours Blond 8° C - 33 Cl 
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Nice authentic blond beer with a hazy shine and a lively caracter.It has a fine creamy froth and good aroma’s of fresh fruits,fine malts,caramel,candy sugar,soft spices and noble yeast.This great beer has a rich taste with a nice freshness. There are hints of dried citrus,orange marmalade,good malts,honey and coriander.In the afthertaste there is a nice touch of noble yeast that ends in a fine bitterness.Well balanced beer with great aroma’s and a fine complex taste.


Bon Secours Bruin 8° C - 33 Cl 
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Great brown beer with lively caracter and with a intens creamy froth. Rich aroma’s of fine roasted malts and noble yeast. In the nose there are hints of dried wood (cedar) exotic spices,licorice and good candy sugar.The taste is rich and complex with hints of fine roasted malts,dried plums,butter-bisquits,soft spices and caramel. It has a nice afthertaste with a yeasty touch.


Boskeun 7° - 1/3L 
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Boskeun is the nickname of Jo, one of the two brothers who preferred to brew blond beer at home. It is a special Easter beer, one of the first real Belgian Easter beers. (Slaghmuylder's paasbier being first). It has been brewed with pale malt, Golding hops, cane sugar and refermented with native honey. As it is a seasonal beer we suggest not to keep it eternally. The name Boskeun means rabbit of the wood (virgin wood, maybe?) and the label shows it, sampling the last brew.


Bourgogne des Flandres 5°-1/4L 
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The Belle From Bruges - More Beautiful than the Belfry…
Craftsmen of the Van Houtryve family have been brewing Bourgogne des Flandres for seven   generations with a genuine respect for tradition. This rich, smooth brown beer, mellowed in oak casks for many long months, has a creamy head and is at its best when cold. Bourgogne des Flandres confirms
its origins by displaying on its label the famous Belfry of its native Bruges.


Brice 7.5° - 1/3L 
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Blond artisanal beer from Brewery Gran d'Orge

Cloudy, flaky blond beer with a medium head. Strong herbal-floral aroma. Slightly sweet with a herbal, medecinal, wood taste. Light bitter finish with a woody aftertaste. A well balanced beer.


Brigand 9°-1/3L 
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A very strong and rich beer. A deep dark ale, with very malty aroma and a sweetish palate. Definitely an after dinner drink

Some malt sweetness in the nose, floral hops, orange or citrus oil, witbier esters. Very pleasant. Medium amber clear with creamy off-white lacing head. Medium watery body with very active, but not harsh, carbonation. Taste is very sweet to start, but light like a heavy alcohol tripel. Candy sugar, fruity esters, and light acidity. Finish is sweet - sticks to the tongue, but also some drying bitterness. After remains sweet for a while, light acidity, and mild bitterness. Can taste/feel the alcohol. A dessert beer.


Brune des Fagnes 8°c - 33cl 
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Cloudy amber coloured beer with a huge light brown slowly disappearing head. The aroma is very malty with hints of an old dusty attic and some port wine. Like the Rousse it has a relatively light body with a bitter finish. Good beer.


Brune des Peres 6°C - 33 Cl 
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Dark amber color; giant creamy head. Very nice malty aroma, with notes of liquorice, vanilla, lemon, roasted malt. Really balanced, with good malt, roasted malt, light liquorice, caramel, good hops. Long final. Excellent!


Brunehaut Amber 6.5°-1/3L 
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Amber beer with a powerful aroma, and distinctive aftertaste, leaving an excellent bitterness as well as a richly complex flavor from its different malts.

Bourbon amber clear with large yellow-tan head and light lace. Grassy bitter hops, light fruit and faint coffee, smoked, and caramel malt aromas. Medium body with a slightly syrupy consistency and pleasing bitter sweet palate. Finish and aftertaste are sweetish caramel with that hint of smoke coming back again. A nice easy drinking beer.


Bush 10.5°-1/4L 
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This light ale was created by Hugues Dubuisson in 1994. The first brew was produced to celebrate the brewery's 225

Created in June 1998, Bush Blond is obviously a discovery in the strong blond ales market in which it will undoubtedly play a major role. It has a light and glistering colour. It rates at 10.5 % alcohol content. Hugues Dubuisson who is the current brewer wanted it to be worth of the famous Bush Amber and gave it the same nice aroma and flavour, which are henceforth the Brewery Dubuisson's signature.

th anniversary.

- This light beer is amber-coloured because of the small amounts of caramel malt used for its production.

- It rates at 7.5% alcohol content. It tastes bitter sweet.

- It offers a very fruity flavour and aroma due to the use of certain raw materials such as aromatic Czech hops and coriander.

- Despite being very refreshing it lacks no character.


Bush 12°-1/4L 
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It was created in 1933 by Alfred Dubuisson, grand-father of the present family brewer, Hugues. Its former name was "Bush 12%", but today it is known as Bush Amber. Its amber colour is due to the use of caramel malt in the production process. Its bitter sweet taste provides it with firmness and personality. What's more, it helps digestion.
Pretty copper/amber colored with a thick white head. Definite hints of belgian candy sugar and perhaps some biscuit malts. Full flavor masks the high abv


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