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St Paul Brune 6.90-1/2L 
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In the small village of Meer, north of the city of Antwerp, there used to be an abbey which was famous for its beer named St. Paul. During the French Revolution, the abbey was destroyed and so it was said-one father named Paul, rescued the secret recipes to brew the abbey beer and trust them onto the local Sterkens family, at that time a renowned brewer family. The Sterkens family had been brewing beer since 1654, and their St. Paul abbey beer is still brewed today, respectfully according to the centuries old tradition.
Hazy deep amber color; beautiful lace. Nice aroma of malt and caramel and roasted grains, well mixed. Dry malt taste, roasted (Scottish Ale), not enough body. Average palate, with some roasted malt and caramel, missing a sharper bitterness.


St Paul Double 6.9°-1/3L 
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Dark in color, it is very soft and at the same time has a sugared coffee flavor. From the point of view of bitterness it is also interesting, and this aspect develops especially in the aftertaste

Medium brown color,tall tan head that had some staying power.Malty sweet aroma,slightly fruity and mildly hopped.metallic taste at the beginning and middle with a sweet taste coming through at the and with a mild spice as well.the metallic taste kind of stay's with you for awhile,reminds me of crappy Golden Pheseant from india minus the medicinal side of that brew.The after taste is OK malty sweet,spicey with the same metallicness showing itself again.I guess if i had a choice i'd go for the tripel it was much better and more drinkable then this brew


St Paul Special 5.5°-1/3L 
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A deep copper-coloured ale, Wing a rich full-malt flavour. You will be pleasantly surprised by the subtle combination of sweet and bitter, which is a result of the dry-hopping.

luminous deep amber or copper color with a husky head that is semi-creamy in texture the color a nice light tan and as it slowly depreciates the leftover lace forms a velum like curtain to drape the glass. Nose is fruity, fresh and clean, hints of bubble gum, the start is sweet with a personable malt presence, the top light to moderate in feel. Finish is delightfully acidic, the hops delectable in their spiciness, very dry and long lasting aftertaste, nice and pleasant to drink.


St Paul Triple 7.6°-1/3L 
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The initial impression is that the Triple, which is brewed alongside the Double, seems to have less character than the latter. Its ingredients ( pale malt and hops) appear however more limpid in the mouth.
It can be drunk cool or at a moderate temperature depending upon individual preferences.


St Idesbald Bruin 1/3L 
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Though the Blonde should have shown more character, it is the Brune that reveals the veritable character of the Saint Idesbald. Its volume of alcohol is more than correct at 8%, and it has a great many similaritieswith the old Flemish brown beers, that is to say sharp against a background of well balanced bitterness


St Idesbald Blonde 1/3L 
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With its low volume of alcohol of 6%, this is one of the weakest abbey beers. What emerges is a beer with relatively little dimension. Its taste is really very soft against a fruity background. It reveals very little depth in character, and does not develop at all in the mouth. Only a slight bitterness makes up for the thinness of the aftertaste.


St Idesbald Triple 1/3L 
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Very similar to the Brune, the Triple tones down the acid aspect with a touch of caramel. This impact is reinforced by a flavor that is also higher in alcohol ( 9%). It is easier to drink, but on the other hand its effect is more immediate. It cannot boast of its digestive qualities, but when it is served at 12°C, it shows its claws, and could cast a spell over you.


St Sebastiaan Blonde 7.6°-1/2L 
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As with many grand cru beers the extra maturation makes the beer stronger and smoother than the young beer.


St Sebastiaan Brune 6.5°-1/2L 
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Top fermented "crock ale" from the small Sterkens brewery near Antwerp. This is a complex beer with a perfumy aroma, dark and fruity with a malty taste. A good after dinner drink.


Tongerlo Brune 6°-1/3L 
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With its alcoholic density of 6%, this beer, which has a dark reddish-brown color, is full of panache. Creamy to perfection, it is well rounded from every point of view, with only a touch of bitterness. Its charm essentially lies in a long-lasting aftertaste, which is tinged with aniseed and fruity at the same time. At room temperature, it can also be sometimes soft and sugary, sometimes sharp. It is certainly an effective thirst-quencher, and is renowned for its generous head in a chalice shaped glass.


Triple de Bruges 9°-1/3L 
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A top fermented, full-bodied, real beer, BRUGSE TRIPEL owes its original taste to a subtle blend of top quality malt, aromatic hops and pure, crystal clear water drawn from the brewery's own wells.  These ingredients are brewed slowly to caramelise the malt sugars which give the beer its unique taste.

Brugse Tripel is an amber-coloured, top-fermented beer which has a 9 % alcohol by volume. It offers a full malty taste and a mild, aromatic finish. It is served in the appropriate glass at a temperature between 8 and 12 °C.



Triple Moines 8°-1/3L 
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Blond, living beer with a fine and generous head. Balanced association of green apple fruit and fine hop. Light bitterness, smooth, beer with character.

Yellow, sparkling body. Mostly diminishing, white, rocky head. Fair lace. Flowers in the nose. Lighty sweet, moderately bitter initial flavour. Lightly bitter finish (long-lasting). Well-balanced flavour. Light to medium bodied. Lively carbonation.


Triple Val Dieu 9°-3/4L 
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A hazy dark gold, nearly but not quite an orange. Big foamy, rocky, chunky off-white head, great lacing. Sage honey and alcohol in the nose. Sweet up front with creamy texture. Nice feel to it with almond, citrus and honey flavors. Quite tasty but subtle. The 9% can sneak up on you! Quite good!


Val Dieu Blonde 1/3L 
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The Blonde... Freshness and lightness !

Origin : Brewery tradition of the abbey Notre-Dame de Val-Dieu, going back to its foundation in 1216.
Type of beer : Highly fermented monastery beer, partly filtered but unpasteurised.
Aroma : Beautiful perfumed aroma, slightly piquant.
Alcohol volume: 6%
Colour : Pale yellow, slightly cloudy.
Flavour : At first taste sugared, then slightly bitter, being made from two traditional hop varieties. Little after-taste on a very slighly bitter base. Extremely digestible and refreshing.
Head : White but not too thick.


Val Dieu Bruin 1/3L 
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The Brown... Mystery and Quietness !

Origin : Similar to its pale sibling and also inspired by an old abbey recipe.
Type of beer : Highly fermented monastery beer, slightly filtered but undergoing a second fermenteation in the bottle.
Aroma : Powerful café/moka.
Alcohol Volume : 8%
Colour : In spite of its name the colour is more dark ruby.
Taste: If its aroma reminds you of coffee/mocha, the mocha taste disappears, leaving only a slight coffee flavour, with almost no bitterness. Piquant like the pale ale.
Head : Brownish and jagged at the edges.


Val Dieu Triple 9°-1/3L 
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The Triple... Strenght and Serenity !

Origin : Originaly inspired by a monastic recipe from the abbey of the same name, which as already produce a pale and a brown ale.
Type of beer: Abbey triple pale ale, unfiltered and unpasteurised, brewed by a layman in the right wing of the abbey.
Aroma : Both delicate and full-bodied.
Alcohol content: Strong 9%
Colour: Warm yellow, slightly cloudy.
Flavour: Its a full bodied taste is progressive but never excessive. A slightly sugared flavour in the middle of the mounth - a perfect combination of alcohol, bitterness and sweetness. Finally accentuates an aromatic and alcohol bitterness. Excellent and highly digestible, particulary when accompagning a good meal.
Head : Nice white head, not too oily because of its high alcohol content.


Watou Triple 7°C - 33Cl 
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Refermented beer, real abbey beer. Brewed by St-Bernadus brewery in Watou. One of the more appreciated beer of BelgianShop


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