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Grimbergen Blonde 7°-1/3L 
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Abbey beer, brewed from malt, hops white candy sugar and water.

Glowing golden dark yellow with a small film of white lacing floating on the top. Sweet lemon wheat nose with some fuesal corn notes hidden behind an oversweet nutty banana aroma. The feel on the mouth is a semi-thick rush of tingling yeast, bananas and bread crust, and a sweet lemon, banana and vanilla yogurt flavor. Finish is spicy and sticky.


Grimbergen Brune 6.5°-1/3L 
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Abbey beer, Double has undergone two fermentations, which gives this ale a chocolatey, toffee taste with a warming brandy-like finish

Clear dark ruby, almost a burgundy appearance, with a large-bubbled sandy head which subsides into a frothy layer with a few bubbles peaking through. Nose has some gingerbread spiced cherries, nice roasted strawberries and cherries in the flavor as well, with a big emphasis on apple cider. Peppy finish, finishes like apple juice.


Grimbergen Optimo 10°-1/3L 
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Abbey beer. This beer has a clean taste and a generous aftertaste. It is brewed from malt, hops, sugar and water.
Deep amber/chestnut colour, head that forms with much noise and effort but evaporates almost instantly. Moderate condition. Caramel, toffee, licorice and burnt brown sugar in the nose, with a suggestion of raspberry as it warms (Like a Liefmans Frambozen). Quite thin in the mouth, you seem to drink it by osmosis rather than swallowing. Hints of malt whisky, raisins and caramel but all quite delicate and flleeting. More whisky malt in the finish with alcohol coming to the fore and a hint of bitterness towards the end.


Grimbergen Triple 9°-1/3L 
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Abbey beer. This beer undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle and is made from malt, hops, white candy sugar and water

A smooth balanced triple that went excellently with heavy stew. Not strongly yeasty, it was not too hoppy, nor too spicey, which was appreciated by the tongue. Warming and clean finish.


La Merveilleuse Chèvremont 7.5°C - 33Cl 
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This Abbey Beer refers to the Abbey located on the Hill of Chèvremont. This basilica, celebrating its centenary in 1999, is the biggest Maria center in the region.

Brewed for Corman-Collins
Head is initially large, frothy, white, good lacing, fully lasting. Body is hazy medium yellow, dense tiny particles, bottle conditioned. Aroma is moderately hoppy (flowers, herbs, citrus - lemon), moderately yeasty (dough), with a note of pineapple and a hint of pepper/alcohol. Flavor is moderately sweet, moderately bitter, moderately acidic. Finish is lightly sweet, lightly bitter, lightly acidic. Medium to full body, dry and creamy texture, lively carbonation, lightly alcoholic. The aroma is a bit yeast heavy and not very bright, but the flavor is nicely balanced and clean, with a pleasant light finish, and a creamy mouthfeel.


Maredsous 10°-1/3L 
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This beer ( 9.5%) cannot hide its strong alcohol flavor with a body, which when all is said and done, is fairly soft. There is alos a slightly fruity tang, which adds to its flavor.

Golden beer with a characteristically fresh bouquet and sweet after-taste.
Yeasty and orange aromas, sweet smelling. SLides over the tongue, sweet, and hangs on the tongue for a bit, with just a hint of sharpness on the back of the mouth. Starts with a large head, dissipating into a small head that sticks to the glass. Dark gold in color, very slightly cloudy.



Maredsous 8°-1/3L 
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This beer is dark amber in color, with a certein depth of character and base of licorice.

Creamy foaming dark-coloured beer with a well-balance flavour of malt and hops.
Sparkling clear, dark, caramel-colored beer. Small, creamy, lightly tanned head. The aroma is big, rich and malty. Notes of caramel, smoke, whole grain bread dough and roasted pistachios. The flavor is of candy sugar and dark fruit up front, but well-balanced and very astringent on the backside. Full-bodied with a fizzy mouthfeel and a long, dry finish. Very nice brew!


Maredsous Blonde 6°-1/3L 
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Excellent presentation in the glass with a clean amber body and crisp head. The nose is floral with a slight yeasty phenolic note, but nothing that setracts from the aroma. The body is light and quite uplifting, certainly a beer for warmer weather. This beer has a simple flavour with a vinour overtone and little hop/malt assertiveness.


Maredsous Brune 6°-1/3L 
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This beer is fruity but this fades in the aftertaste.

Amber brown with small light beige fish flake yeast, huge creamy tan head (as good as the 10), great lace as well. Aroma is a light, even delicate floral nectar, green sour grapes, hops, warming to cane sugar syrup and vegemite yeast. The vegemite also dominates the flavour on the first mouthful but the lighter hops and caramel kick in. The overall palate is quite light, more bitter, less sweet and some sour at the start. Somewhat like the 10, a soft almost bland dry finish takes points away from what is a very good beer.


Postel Blond 7 °C - 33Cl 
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Golden Abbey-Ale bottle conditioned.
Brewed by de Smedt brewery

Head is initially large, frothy, white, good lacing, fully lasting. Body is hazy medium yellow, dense tiny particles, bottle conditioned. Aroma is lightly malty (cookie), moderately hoppy (flowers, citrus - lemon), moderately yeasty (dough, cobwebs), with notes of bubble gum, pineapple, and pepper/alcohol. Flavor is moderately sweet, lightly acidic, moderately bitter. Finish is lightly sweet, moderately acidic, moderately bitter. Medium to full body, syrupy texture, soft carbonation, lightly alcoholic.


Postel Dobble 7°C - 33cl 
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Dark Belgian Abbey-Ale refermented in bottle.
Brewed by De Smedt brewery
Beautiful ruby brown color, large beige head, fair lace. Nose is sweet, malt, butter scotch and quite appealing. Sweet front, the top is medium, the carbonation moderate, and slightly acidic, nice hop presence at the fairly dry finish. Nice beer, and well worth the effort to find and sample.


Postel Triple 8.5°C - 33cl 
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Golden Belgian Abbey-Ale beer, refermented in bottle.

Brewed by De Smedt brewery

Hazy golden color, huge head, rocky; impressive, chaotic perlage. Besides the obvious aroma for a Tripel, this wonderful beer has a very nice hop note. A very good body, with good malt, and maybe a too high residual sweetness (would prefer if hoppier at the end). A very good one!.


Ramée Amber 7.5°-33cl  
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Genuine Abbey beer.

The amber colour is the result of brewing a pure variety of two-row spring malt, the addition of roasted wheat along with a careful selection of spices in its recipe. La Ramée is a non-filtered high fermentation beer, re-fermented in the bottle, exceptionally easily to digest, with a slightly peppery flavour. In order to enjoy the fullness of its flavour, we advise you to savour it at a temperature of between 7° and 10°C.


Ramée Blond 7° - 33cl 
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Even today, tradition is respected because it is brewed with the greatest care, using traditional methods, based on a unique recipe from Brabant Hesbaye. The amber colour is the result of brewing a pure variety of two-row spring malt, the addition of roasted wheat along with a careful selection of spices in its recipe. La Ramée is a non-filtered high fermentation beer, re-fermented in the bottle, exceptionally easily to digest, with a slightly peppery flavour.


St Benoît Blonde 6.5°-1/3L 
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Beautiful straw colour, fine white head. Fruity aroma with a slight flavour of hop. Smooth beer, pleasantly sweet with a light bitterness.
Aroma, some apricot and a hint of bubblegum. Appearance yellow heading toward brown and very cloudy with yeast added. Flavour apparent bubblegum with some fruit and a little hop character. Finish was bubbly feeling though it may have been on the acid side adding to the tingly sensation.


St Benoît Brune 6.5°-1/3L 
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Abbey beer. Nice flavour of dark malt and fresh fruit ( orange)
Almost with no bitterness, its essence is a languid softness crowned with a subtle bouquet redolent of the forest. It is brown in color and betrays very few of the secrets surrounding its ingredients.
Brown color. Pineapple aroma. Powerful, growing in the mouth. Nice sparkling start of dry cocoa and malt (cognac-feeling comes in mind). Nice balance between the sweetness of the malt and the bitterness of the cocoa. Fruity notes of apple. Finish of caramel, brown sugar and burned malt.


St Bernardus 12°-1/3L 
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This represents the top of the range in the Saint-Bernadus portfolio of beers and it has undoubtedly the highest alcohol content too ( 10.4%). It is also the beer that is closest in taste and distinctive characteristics to its Trappist beers. It has a good deal of character and is well rounded, which at the forefront an impression of smoothness which rapidly creates a rapport between its taste and your palate. Its strong volume of alcohol does not diminish its flavor, which truly remains amongst the best in this category


St Bernardus 6°-1/3L 
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Its name has become a reference. Very often, it is described or ordered by its " first name". Although its volume of alcohol is 7.1%, it is light in taste with a very slight fruity aftertaste, which is just enough to remind drinkers that it is a beer brewed in West Flanders. It should also be pointed out that the Saint-Bernadus brewery uses local hops


St Bernardus 8°-1/3L 
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Cast in the same mold as the Pater, the Prior 8, which has a higher volume of alcohol ( 8.3%), is a more noble and distinctive beer. Its aromatic flavor brings to mind the Trappist beer of Saint-Sixtus. What makes it stand out are primarily its qualities as an aperitif


St Bernardus Triple 7°-1/3L 
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Neither pale colored, not too strong in alcoholic content ( 7%), this triple Saint-Bernadus is decidely less aggressive in its taste than other beers in the same category. Nevertheless its aroma is very present, and its mellow flavor is subtly reinforced by a discreet bitterness, which strikes a balance between malt and hops, with a fruity taste. To a certain extent it corresponds to the wish expressed by the brewers of Saint-Bernadus to produce a beer likely to please women


St Feuillien Blonde 7.5°-1/3L 
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Abbey beer. Slightly bitter, sweet and fruity.
This beer  has a fruity but unobtrusuve flavor, just enough to prepare the way for a more distinct and assertive bitterness at the end of the tasting.


St Feuillien Blonde 9L 
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This light ale has a deep golden colour with a smooth, frothy head. It is very perfumed with an unmistakable hint of aromatic hops and a fruity (citrus) note from the spices used in production.
The body has an intense yet distinctive bitterness and a strong malty taste which is a delight to the palate. The overall effect, however, is a slight dryness and hoppiness.
All these features make St Feuillien Blonde an excellent and very drinkable beer.


St Feuillien Brune 7.5°-1/3L 
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This brown ale has a marked ruby brown colour with a generous and lasting head. It has a distinctive aroma reflecting the wide range of ingredients used in its production. The fruitiness resulting from its fermentation blends harmoniously with a dominant liquorice and caramel flavour.
The body is decidedly malty. The bitterness is the result of a complex alchemy between the fine hops and special malts used. These give St Feuillien Brune a typical dark chocolate appearance.
This beer creates an endless variety of sensations with a lingering taste and powerful aroma.


St Christophe 8°-1/4L 
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Murky reddish-brown color, the head minute in size, clumpy in texture, the color light tan and what little lace there is forms a patchy sheet upon the glass. The aroma of over ripe plums, malt, sweet caramel, pleasant enough with a cloyingly sweet malt laden start, top middling in feel. Mildly acidic, the hops personable in their spicy presence, droughty aftertaste, drinkable, but tends to be a bit to sweet for my palate.


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