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Louwaege's Kriek 4.3° -1/4L 
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Louwaege's kriek is beer with spontaneous fermentation brewed in valley of the Zenne. Basis for this sweet Kriek is authentic Lambic.


Bonsecours Myrtille 7° -1/3L 
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From Caulier brewery

A "Bilberry" beer

Made of beers of high fermantation this fruity beer of blueberries, has a true color(not artificial).The flavour of the berries is recognizeable, but overall this beer is watery, dull and it has a awfull bitterness of bitter almonds at the end.


Jacobins MAX Framboise 4° -1/4L 
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After 18 months the old lambic is blended with young lambic, and raspberries and raspberry juice are added.

This fruity and sweet mixture of raspberries and lambic gives the refined and mellow of Jacobins Framboise. To be served in the matching champagne glass.


Rodenbach REDBACH 3,5° - 1/3L 
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Deep dark red beer.
Aroma: cooked dark cherries, cider vinegar, cherry extract, yoghurt, tiny whiff of almond

Initially quite sweet with a big wallop of cherry essence, cooked cherries here too, the distinctive vinegary Rodenbach tang in the background, finishes sweet and tart with a pie-filling aftertaste


Jacobins Kriek MAX 4° - 1/4L  
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Kriek Max has been enriched with 25% cherries for a fuller cherrytaste and presents itself at its best when served fresh & chilled.

From Bockor brewery



UltrAmour 5° - 1/3L 
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Special in the range. A raspberry beer, but with addition of three other fruit extracts. A sweet-sour taste makes it unique. People say its a better kriek and it's very popular with beer lovers.

From brewery "Brasserie d'Ecaussinnes "


Ducassis 5.7° - 1/3L 
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Natural beer with blackeurrant berries refermented in the bottle.

Pure malt and hop, blackeurrant berries, yeast, water.

From brewery "Brasserie des Geants"



Binchoise Rose 4.5° - 33cl 
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The Rempart’s rose


A light beer, refreshing with a sweet taste and slightly acid. Produced with a high fermentation beer and with raspberry concentrated juice. Bottled in transparent longneck , in 33 cl and in 30l barrels. Aimed to the young public as well as the feminine one.



Souvenirs Kriek 4° - 25 Cl 
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Souvenirs Gueuze 4° - 25 Cl 
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Thick white head, almost golden ruby. Nose of cork, wood, citrus. Medium mouthfeel, slightly sweet, some sour, some wood, with short finish. Almost too sweet for the style though a tasty treat.


Kriek Cantillon 5°-3/4L 
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Gueuze Cantillon 5°-3/4L 
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Framboise Ardennes 5°-1/4L 
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Rubycolour, deep raspberry aroma, very sweet with some acidity


Framboise Ardennes 5°-1/2L 
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Bosbier ( Myrt) 4.5°-1/4L 
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Typical wild strawberry flavored beer. It is reddish in color, it has a rich head and a natural strawberry aroma.
There is a slight hint of bitterness amidst the sugary flavors, just enough to prepare you for the very soft, fragrant aftertaste.
Very densely sugared, and fairly low in alcohol content. It must be served cool and during the right season ( summer).        


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