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Timmerman Tradition Blanche 4.5°C-33 
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Lambic beer, flavoured

Made by spontaneous fermentation, matured in oak barrels.
With a fruity taste, slightly cloudy and pleasantly spiced.

The Blanche lambic, a white beer made from lambic, is truly unique in the world. A touch of coriander and dry orange peel are the secret recipes of this wonderful fruity beer, slightly cloudy and spicy. Tasted in a hand-made earthenware pitcher, it has no rival


Timmerman Tradition Kriek 5°C-33Cl 
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Beer made with real cherries.
Kriek is a wheat beer matured in oak barrels with real cherries.

Kriek Lambic is obtained by adding real cherries from Schaarbeek to the Lambic resting in oak casks. 100 kg cherries are used for 1 cask of 650 L lambic. After six to nine months, the cherries are entirely dissolved and the Kriek-Lambic is ready for drinking.

This tasty beer must be drunk very cool, the ideal refreshment on a sunny terrace.


Timmerman Tradition Gueuze 5°C-33 C 
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Beer made by spontaneous fermentation
Gueuze is a wheat beer matured in oak barrels, an outstanding blen of
old and new lambic .

Gueuze-lambic Timmermans is a subtle blending of young and old lambic.
It is a 100 % natural, light beer with a smooth flavour that owes its best characteristics to the long maturing-process in oak casks


Gueuze Cave Timmerman 5°-1/2L 
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Gueuze caveau Timmermans is a subtle blending of old and young lambic
re-fermented in bottle. This slightly sour beer has a pronounced bouquet, a pleasant taste and a delicious flavour.This natural beverage, therefore capricious, requires a very detailed attention during its long period of maturation


Timmermans Tradition Faro 4° - 1/3L 
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Faro is produced by adding candy sugar to the Lambic. Faro was very famous during the 19th Century in the Brussels region. With its sweet and refreshing taste it is still appreciated in our modern times.
This delicate beer was created two centuries ago by the van Houtryve brewer's family


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