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#      Scientists claim to have discovered the "Eve" of lager yeast in Tibet
Scientists claim
to have discovered the "Eve" of lager yeast in the mountain forests of Tibet, South China Morning Post reported. Microbiologists have for decades hunted for the ancestor to Sacchar . . .
28 July, 2014

#      Nutritional value of dark chocolate
If you
buy quality dark chocolate with a high cocoa content, then it is actually quite nutritious, Authority Nutrition reports. It contains a decent amount of soluble fiber and is loaded with miner . . .
18 July, 2014

#      Beer may soon be saving limbs – beer waste found as ideal to help regrow bones
The byproducts
of brewing beer cost the industry an arm and a leg every year, but thanks to recently-published research, beer may soon be saving limbs. A team of scientists say that beer waste is the . . .
18 July, 2014

#      World: Beer category brand value up 14% this year
According to
the new BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2014 report, global beer category’s brand value this year is up 14% to USD72.306 bln. Expansion in fast growing markets drove beer v . . .
08 July, 2014

#      Belgium: Beer industry reports decline in 2013
Belgian beer
exports declined by 5.2% to 11.07 mln hl last year, along with a drop in domestic sales. Increased excises on beer in France are cited as the main reason for the decline, but shipments . . .
08 July, 2014

#      Black Albert by Belgium’s The Struise Brouwers is not as much a beer as it is an experience.
Originally brewed
for Ebenezer’s Pub in Lovell, Maine (USA), this beer is a tribute to Albert II, sixth king of the Belgians. Nicknamed ‘laughing king’, it is only fitting that the beer named afte . . .
08 July, 2014

#      Belgian chocolate is in league of its own
Belgian chocolate
is considered to be the gourmet standard by which all other chocolate confections are measured. Even the Swiss, known for their own high quality chocolate, imported the basic recipe . . .
10 April, 2014

#      Unusual household uses for beer
Thanks to
the German Purity Law, that great legal precedent set in the 1400s that set the standard for beer manufactures the world over, the recipe for beer has remained basically the same throughout . . .
10 April, 2014

#      UNESCO considering a petition to include Belgian beer culture on its list of immaterial cultural heritage
Belgium has
petitioned the United Nations' education and cultural agency UNESCO to include Belgian beer culture on its list of immaterial cultural heritage, reported on April 2. UNESCO . . .
10 April, 2014

#      Flavoured beers are becoming more popular
Though barley
is the foundation of beer, homebrewers love to add their favorite non-grain fermentables to their batches, according to You can add some pretty crazy stuff to your be . . .
10 April, 2014

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